Barbecue Lover’s The Carolinas

Barbecue Lover’s The Carolinas: Restaurants, Markets, Recipes & Traditions

barbecue lovers carolinas

‘Barbecue Lover’s: The Carolinas,’ by Robert F. Moss, covers traditions, regions and recipes.

This Maryland guy is no expert on Carolina BBQ by any means, but author Robert F. Moss covers every region of North Carolina BBQ as well as South Carolina styles in his latest book.

Eastern, Central, and Western North Carolina are discussed, along with my favorite – mustard styles from South Carolina.

BBQ recipes, restaurants and joints – Moss tackles them all.

I first learned about it from a post on the Salisbury Post blog from Deirdre Smith here: Salisbury Post Article

Check that link for the full story.

Meanwhile you can order Mr. Moss’ book here via our sponsored link:

Buy Barbecue Lover’s Carolinas

This looks like a great read as well as useful information for any BBQ enthusiast!

Carolina Cologne BBQ sauce on pulled pork – review

carolina cologne bbq sauce

Carolina Cologne is an Eastern North Carolina barbeque sauce from Jerry Roberts, who grew up in Nags Head, N.C. and now resides in Florida. This peppery, red colored, vinegar based sauce is a step above the usual thin vinegar and crushed red pepper table sauces that are prevalent in the Eastern region of North Carolina.

This sauce adds some body and flavor to what is traditionally a thin sauce. In a nutshell, it’s pretty damn good, and a big improvement over a traditional sauce.

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Carolina Sunshine Wing Sauce

WEEK OF WINGS IV – Day 7 – Carolina style wing sauce


We wrap up our Week of Wings with Carolina Sunshine Wing Sauce. We reviewed Carolina Sunshine’s BBQ sauce on pulled pork (ironically during our Week of Mild), and I fully expected their Wing Sauce to be just a kicked up version of their BBQ sauce. I was wrong. Thicker and saucier, this is the most unusual wing sauce of the week. Different and a fitting end to our Week of Wings 4.

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Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Sauce Original and Hot Review

Mild BBQ sauce is our entry for Day 3 of our Week of Mild, and this time it’s an Eastern North Carolina style sauce from Carolina Sunshine. It’s a stretch to call any strong vinegar based sauce “mild”, but I’m willing to include one here for variety’s sake. That and the fact that I just realized these potent vinegar based sauces have quite a kick to them, but they are “mild” in terms of heat.

Carolina Sunshine Original and Hot BBQ Sauce

Carolina Sunshine BBQ sauce – hot on the left, original on the right

North Carolina boasts two main styles of BBQ sauce – Piedmont (Lexington) Style, typically made of vinegar, salt, peppers, spices, and ketchup (and sometimes worchestershire sauce) – and Eastern Style, again based on vinegar, but no ketchup. Unlike all other regional BBQ sauces (except for the mustard based goodness out of Alabama), there is NO ketchup in Eastern North Carolina style. This fact alone has always kept me from really enjoying this style of sauce. Until now.

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Ep 01 – BluesBBQ

Steve Burnham of Blues BBQ

In our first episode of HotSauceWeekly, we interview Steve Burnham of, creator of BluesBBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce and BluesBBQ Habanero Reserve hot sauce.

Note: This is the only episode where we call it the HotSauceDaily Podcast. Beginning with Ep02, it will be called HotSauceWeekly.


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