Top Products from 2015

Top products reviewed in 2015

We picked out 8 of our favorite products from our 2015 reviews.

In alphabetical order they are:

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Served up in a classic honey jar, this 16 ounce bottle of liquid gold combines the purest honey with the fiery heat of the Ghost Pepper.

Island Sauce Datil Pepper Sauce

We love the Datil Pepper sauce profile, and Island Sauce Company’s version is packed full of the Datil pepper flavor. It’s also very unique in that it’s a very thin sauce – almost like a glaze.

Louisiana Brand Wing Kit

We kicked off our 6th Annual Week of Wings series with the Louisiana Brand Wing Kit – featuring Louisiana Brand Chicken Wing Seasoning and Louisiana Brand Original Wing Sauce. From our Week of Wings 6 – Day 1

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Brown Label

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s newest offering called Brown Label also has the amusingly long name of “Ridiculously Tasty Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce”.

Men Paw Gourmet Hot Sauce

It turns out that this sauce is amazing. Amazingly delicious that is. Yes, it’s heavy on the oil content, but that is what makes it so unique for a hot sauce.

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce

Made with a blend of natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, cumin and cocoa powder, and coupled with the famous Bhut Jolokia Pepper (Ghost Pepper), Moe Mountain Hot Sauce brings its own unique flavor to the hot sauce world.

Sweet & Spicy Alaskan Umami Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Alaskan Umami Sauce is a super thick and sticky sweet sauce. One of the most unusual sauces we’ve had lately, it doesn’t just pour out of the bottle – you need a knife or spoon to ladle it out.

Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce

Two or 3 spoonfuls and 4 tacos later, I was wowed. This is a delicious sauce …

Bonus Links! Two more very unique products from 2015!

The Vortex indirect Grilling ring

Designed for use in any Kettle or Kamado style grill, the Vortex makes grilling super crispy wings easy.

FuegoBox Hot Sauce of the Month Club is a premier “Hot Sauce of the Month” service. Each box is filled with gourmet hot sauces.

Our Favorite Crab Cake Recipe

Finally, we must share our favorite crab cake recipe – the slider version:

Crab Cake Sliders recipe

“…serve them as a dozen sliders with a full sleeve of Saltine crackers – along with a bottle of hot sauce and a roll of paper towels.”

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Our Top 5 Spicy Products of 2014

We awarded our top rating of 5 stars to 5 spicy products in 2014.

Last year we presented our favorite 13 products of 2013 (all of which are still available, and still awesome).

5 Star Reviews on

Five star hot sauce reviews on

This year we are showcasing our 5 Star Reviews.

Every one of these products earned our HotSauceDaily 5 Star Rating for flavor and quality. We highly recommend all of these hot sauce and spicy products for your kitchen.

710 Dat’s My Sauce – Datil Pepper Sauce

710 Dat's My Sauce

710 Dat’s My Sauce

Datil peppers and their flavor show up here in two of our favorites from 2014. And while not extremely popular, mostly due to lack of knowledge of the pepper, the Datil pepper is a delicious and unique flavor that everyone should try.

Sweet in its own way, it can pack some punch, or be muted and very mellow.

710 Dat’s My Sauce is a great start to your experience with the Datil pepper.

Gunther’s Gourmet Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce with Mango

Gunther's Gourmet Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce with Mango

Gunther’s Gourmet Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce with Mango

Known for their marinades and salsas, this is Gunther’s first hot sauce offering, and they nailed it! A perfect balance of flavor and heat.

Gunther’s Gourmet Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce with Mango was also our first hot sauce review in 2014! I guess you never forget your first one.

Lucky Dog Dia del Perro

Lucky Dog Dia del Perro

Lucky Dog Dia del Perro

Award winning Lucky Dog has crafted a green/verde sauce that rocks. Dia del Perro (Day of the Dog) features serranos and roasted garlic along with their signature smoked sea salt.

Lucky Dog’s Dia del Perro hot sauce.

Old Florida Style Datil Pepper BBQ Rub

Old Florida Style Datil Pepper BBQ Rub

Old Florida Style Datil Pepper BBQ Rub

We put this rub on wings and decided it made the best dry rubbed wings we had in 2014. Again, the Datil pepper shines with flavor and heat here, in a dry rub format.

Old Florida Style Datil Pepper BBQ Rub is an amazing dry version of the Datil pepper flavor!

Piñata Hot Sauce

Piñata Hot Sauce

Piñata Hot Sauce

Garlic, pineapple, habanero, mustard. Check! Another awesome pineapple based hot sauce. Looks like a theme for 2014.

Pinata Hot Sauce is a must have for your shelf.

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