Taco Bell Hot Sauce Diablo – Hottest Taco Bell Sauce Ever

Taco Bell Hot Sauce Diablo Set For Cinco De Mayo Release – Hottest Taco Bell Sauce EVER!

Cinco De Mayo is less than one week away, and of course, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest chains of Tex-Mex food in the United States is preparing a special treat for the big day in Mexican culture, as the new Taco Bell hot sauce, Diablo, gets its day in the sun!

According to Fox News, the new Taco Bell hot sauce, Diablo, is packed with spicy peppers such as chipotle, chili and aji panca, packing up to what the company is calling its “hottest sauce packet ever.”

Of course, the new Taco Bell hot sauce’s name comes from the Spanish word for “Devil” and the advertising team behind the big fast food chain is taking that reference very seriously, adding a lot of flames to its tiny black packet, as they take to social media to advertise the coming product.

It’ll be joining other Taco Bell favorites such as Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire.

Tech Times reports that the new Taco Bell hot sauce will only be available for a limited time in the chain’s restaurants across the country, so fans of spicy food should get their hands on the new sauce quickly before it vanishes to possibly never be seen again.

The Huffington Post reports that each packet of Diablo will contain a “wisdom” saying, 12 in all, that should give off a “we don’t give a shishito attitude,” according to Taco Bell sponsors.

You can rush to the chain for the new Taco Bell hot sauce starting this May 5!

Source: FoodWorldNews.com

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  1. Thankfully, its only a limited run. Just tried it today. Tastes like hot sauce mixed with Lemon Pine-Sol. Yuk!

    1. And we have a winner! How would you know what Lemon pine-sol tastes like?

    2. How could you relate the delicious nectar that was given to Taco Bell from our gods to a product my mom uses to clean whenever she visits me. How could you do this? What makes you think you know better than the gods. I cry sometimes and the only thing getting me through those rough times is a trusted packets of red and black asking me truth or dare? There is only dare.

  2. Just tried this sauce and I’m really impressed.
    It has more heat than the Fire sauce but is also more flavorful.
    I hope that Taco Bell makes this sauce a mainstay in their lineup.

  3. This is a joke right? Not only is this sauce not any hotter than the fire sauce, it kind of tastes funky. This feels like a fail to me.

    I was sad when I tried it.

    1. I’ve not tried it yet. Our local Taco Bell is not very close to home, so I don’t get over there often.

      Looks like people either love it or hate it. 🙂

      1. I tried it and it is a bit hotter than the Fire sauce. I think what people perceive as “funky”, or off-putting is the chipoltle taste. I wasn’t expecting that, so it caught me by surprise. I wasn’t fond of it at first. But after I shifted my mindset to the idea that this was a “hot chipoltle sauce”, I could accept it and like it for what it was. I bet if they marketed it as such, they would get a “warmer” reception. In the end, I still prefer my Fire, though.

    2. to my particular taste, it came across as “capsaicin extract” with mild hints of onion, garlic, and tomato. it’s basically a heat additive that doesn’t actually have a lot of heat to it.

      I will admit that it works all right in combination with the fire and verde sauces (as I tried it after hating the Diablo solamente)

  4. I just had the sauce and it tastes horrible. Seriously – This is the worst hot sauce I’ve had ever. It tastes FUNKY and is not very hot. BLAH!

  5. Just had it, it taste like a very spicy ketchup, thick, strong tomato taste and a nice strong, lingering heat, i enjoyed it.

  6. So, I tried it, as we stumbled upon it accidently one late night. I will say this, after tasting this…it is tasty. Starts off sweet, but quickly becomes spicy, and the spice lingers. Is, in fact, hotter than their. fire sauce. It has a garlicky flavor with tomato and cilantro that lasts just a second, and then it’s spice…but it has flavor and isn’t just heat (which is not like other true hot sauces). If I wanted just heat I would eat a piece of burning charcoal. So, well done, taco bell, well done.

    1. Another one in the Plus column. Thanks Rodney!
      My son is now an assistant manager at our local Taco Bell and brought me a couple of packets of the Diablo sauce. I’ll be trying it soon to see what all the fuss is about. 🙂

  7. I loved the Diablo sauce it does have a funky weird taste in there and since I’m not Chef Ramsey I couldn’t tell you what that is. But I like the sauce and I hope they keep it for the people that do like it!

    1. Yeah i agree, the heat definitely lingers lol for sure ..i just tried it ..i actually just asked for each sauce so i could try them all, and Diablo is definitely the hottest one …im more of a mild fan myself though

  8. I got some Diablo Sauce with my order tonight. It was a surprise, since I had not heard of it before. I googled it and landed here. So, my biased taste test was done side-by-side since I also had Fire Sauce. Diablo is a bit hotter with more citrus. Fire is more of a smoky flavor. I like both, but the hotter the better. 🙂

  9. Is Taco Bell hot sauce actually any good? Or does it just have a cult status for being taco bell? We don’t have Taco Bell in the UK but i’ve heard it’s atrocious!

  10. Guys I’m a serious hot sauce enthusiast. Therefore I collect hot sauces and extracts and have everything down to a system where every specific hot sauce and extract has its own purpose and it’s own food that it’s great on. With that being said, when this came out I nearly cleaned them out and spent about 3 days trying it on different things to find its niche in my world. FYI: Try Diablo with onion rings. Hands down best thing I’ve tried it on.

  11. …just learned that Diablo sauce was limited run and now discontinued. I’m very distraught. I had finally found a hot sauce that made me come back for more.

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