Swamp Sauce – BBQ Sauce – Review

Pee Dee River’s Swamp Sauce

Too many times people market a sauce and say it’s different, but in reality, it’s just another variation of something else. With Swamp Sauce, Tim really created something unique!

Swamp Sauce – officially called Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce, is a light bodied, thin BBQ sauce, with lots of bits floating in it – “Flavor You Can See” says the label, and I have to agree! It’s not the gloppy thick sauce you’d think of when talking about BBQ sauce. My first impression is that it would make a great marinade or glaze for barbecued chicken. Now I know we just got through Thanksgiving here in the U.S., but bbq can be done any time of year. And I really wanted to share this great all-purpose bbq sauce with you.

Update: 06/06/2015: To purchase Swamp Sauce –
Try this merchant:

Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce on MacsPride

Or Pee Dee’s Facebook store:

Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce Store on Facebook

I was lucky enough to win 2 bottles of Swamp Sauce from Greg Rempe’s excellent podcast/internet radio show, BBQ Central on LA Talk Radio.

Swamp Sauce

Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce answers the age-old question of which barbecue sauce is best—vinegar, mustard or tomato based? So which one is best?  They all are, especially when combined into one unique sauce.
Pee Dee River Swamp Sauce’s unique taste compliments all type dishes, from pork to chicken to beef and even seafood.  Our customers have found that casseroles and rice dishes are complimented by our special flavor.

It’s combination of  vinegar, tomato and mustard base is what defies tradition. Tim Pattan of Swamp Sauce, has created a nice balance of sweet, hot, spicy and savory sauce. You MUST try this sauce, as it is totally different from other BBQ sauce offerings. Too many times people market a sauce and say it’s different, but in reality, it’s just another variation of something else. With Swamp Sauce, Tim really created something unique!

Swamp Sauce Sample

I had some pulled pork in our freezer that I smoked a few weeks ago, so the first thing I did with the Swamp Sauce was put it on some of the pork. The sandwiches were yummy. The vinegar in the Swamp Sauce, and it’s overall sweetness really made for a great Carolina style pulled pork.

Their website lists some 22 recipes for Swamp Sauce.

First we tried the Swamp Dip recipe – their version of a Chili Con Queso dip. It made for a great homemade queso dip, and with the vinegar profile of the Swamp Sauce in it, made it quite different than the usual queso dip. Very good with tortilla chips.

Next I want to try either the barbecued chicken or the steak marinade.

Swamp Sauce


  • Tomato puree, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, ground mustard seed,
  • garlic, salt, onion, black pepper, crushed red pepper, high fructose corn syrup,
  • distilled vinegar, corn syrup, onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavors,
  • molasses, anchovies, water, tamarind extract, cloves,
  • chili pepper extract, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, xanthan gum and benzoate of soda.

Have you tried this very unique sauce? Do you have a favorite BBQ sauce you’d like to share? Leave a Comment and let us know about it!

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  1. @Cap’n: I’m gonna say Medium heat. A tingle on the tongue, then it hits back of the throat. But it’s short-lived. Which is good for a BBQ sauce… then the flavor of the food comes through.

  2. This sauce is good, but ordering from their website is dang near impossible. They take weeks to process the orders. Don’t bother ordering online unless you’re prepared to wait, and wait, and wait…

    1. Thanks for commenting, Grumpy.
      I found ordering from their site was pretty straightforward using PayPal.

      Did you try to contact them about your order?

  3. Hi all-
    I ws looking at all the BBQ sauces in the grocery store comtemplating getting something new for my boyfriend..he loves BBQ sauce. I picked up a bottle of Swamp Sauce and a bottle of the brand he liked (only a different flavor). We liked Swamp Sauce so much I bought another bottle as we quickly ran out of the first bottle. It truly is differnt from the other sauces and its great on every meat we have tried it on. From steak, pork, shrimp, chicken..all of them..

    1. It is a very unique and delicious sauce, Karen. You’ve reminded me, it’s time to order more Swamp Sauce! Sadly, there are no stores near me that sell it.

      What store did you find it in?

      1. Brian,

        I found it at the Piggly Wiggly on Clemon Road in Columbia. Try your local Pig maybe they have it too.

      2. Piggly Wiggly in Charleston SC. I bought all 6 bottles they had left, I love it on pork… Yummmmmm!!!!! hell I think it would be good on pooh ; )

  4. Hey there Brian, we love the swamp sauce up north here. Works great on ribs, and used it on chicken thiegh’s and that bird flew on our guests plates. Just one question, do they sell swamp sauce in larger bottles? 1/2 gallon or larger?
    Bob Colish
    F&B Bar-B-Que

    1. Wow Bob, I guess you’d have to ask Pee Dee River about that! Unfortunately, the links I had are all “dead”. I’m in touch with Pee Dee as we speak, and will get back with you on this.


  5. Your sauce is really great tried it last weekend, and went back to the store the next day to get more for another batch of Ribs. Great!!!!!

  6. I have been enjoying this sauce for about 10 years. I used to buy it in bulk directly from the Pattan’s. It seems like their website and online products are being sold by someone else.
    I know the Pattan’s won several BBQ awards. I would like to get any information as to where they might be competing this year.

  7. we used to buy this stuff in stores all the time and now we can’t find it and we love it do you still have it in stores

  8. hey there Brian I’ve tried emailing both individuals at Pee Dee River. do they just not return emails? would you possibly be a number were you can call and talk to someone? could you please advise thanks Brian

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