Soccer Team Eats 1500 Hot Wings in 75 Minutes

Averaging 52 Wings Per Player in 75 Minutes

I first wrote about this Iowa High School Soccer Team that planned to eat 1500 wings in one sitting back in April, in a Hot Sauce Sundaes post. They planned to meet at the King’s Pointe Regatta Grille and pull this stunt off.
King’s Pointe is a popular destination for that area, and the Regatta Grille, headed up by Chef James Gailey, was more than willing to provide the hot wings, sauce, and space.

Turns out the boys did it, and managed to eat the entire 1500 wings in one sitting, averaging 52 wings per player. A Regatta Grille spokesman said “It was the smallest guys who surprised us, they put away 70-80 [wings] each”. I think that’s amazing.

Storm Lake Tribune Update

As a follow-up story, Dana Larsen (Editor for the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune) wrote about the “Team-That-Could-Eat-1500-Wings”, in her article called “SL soccer team’s 1,500 hot wings success makes news, cops may be next for spicy challenge” and updated us on the result of the challenge. She mentioned HotSauceDaily.com and my initial post. Very cool.

We’ve Been There, Done That

Having accomplished this monumental task, the boys have said “[the] team doesn’t have the stomach to attempt to expand on that record” but the Regatta Grille is hopeful that they can host and recreate the event with the local Police and Sheriff’s Departments in the future. I see a Smackdown coming up!

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  1. sort of offtopic but kudos for the WAP enabled mobile version of the site. i’m on my Instinct and this post was easy to read.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that, and for reminding me I should post something about HotSauceDaily.com being available for mobile phones in an easy to read format! New BlackBerry Storm here.

  2. Holy cow, that is a ton of wings! I can eat maybe 15 and the grease puts me to sleep or sends me running to the bathroom! We once had someone request a catering of 5000 wings for a high school football team event.


    1. It was a lot. But I think wings are up there with bacon and beer, because “God wants us to be happy” – Ben Franklin

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