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Seriously Good

Kevin Weeks from Knoxville, Tennessee, is a personal chef, cooking instructor and food writer. To say he’s a busy man is an understatement.


His food blog, Seriously Good is an amazing collection of recipes and essays. I stopped counting at 400+ posts. Then there are the other sites he writes for listed at the end of this post. He is also a frequent contributor of National Public Radio’s Kitchen Window, as well writing online at

I first found Kevin when he was on NPR’s Kitchen Window show back in July.

His segment was “The Art of Sandwich Making” where he talked about the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, made with James Beard’s bread recipe for sour-cream bread – perfect for grilled cheese. A big fan of any sandwich, he also talks about Calzones, and good Reuben sandwiches. I’m a sucker for a good Reuben. His recipe for homemade rye bread is here.

The Seriously Good site is beautifully laid out, with nice colors. As a geeky blogger, I especially like his use of “pull quotes” as seen here:



And since I mentioned grilled cheese so much, be sure to check out his blog post about The Ultimate Grilled Cheese made with James Beard’s bread recipe and Grafton Cheddar cheese. Kevin takes you through the steps to make the bread for this ultimate sandwich. He even instructs you to slice the cheese about 3/16ths of an inch thick:

Please forgive me if this recipe seems obvious and fussy, but sometimes we don’t devote the attention and care to a basic recipe that it deserves.

All of his recipes and posts on Seriously Good are written with that same passion Kevin has for “Recipes to satisfy the belly, mind and soul.”

So check out Kevin’s excellent blog, and tell him Brian from sent you!

Kevin’s other blogs and websites:

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