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Scotty O’Hotty Premium Pepper Sauce – Mild

Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauces are all natural and low in sodium sauces that feature fresh, Michigan made ingredients. Scotty O’Hotty currently offers three hot sauces that include a Mild, Hot, and XXX Hot varieties. All three flavors are made in Michigan with fresh, all natural, low sodium ingredients – Premium Pepper Sauce (Mild), Premium Habanero Sauce (Hot) and The Ghost Sauce (XXX Hot).


Scotty O’Hotty Premium Pepper Sauce – Mild

Ingredients: tomatoes, beer (for flavor), onion, bell pepper, vinegar, tomato sauce, mango, carrots, tomato paste, water, garlic, jalapeño peppers, yellow tomatoes, radishes, cayenne peppers, olive oil, sea salt, peppercorn, honey, assorted spices, liquid smoke, xanthan gum.

Burnt orange and flecked.

Texture & Appearance: A nice burnt orange color with tiny black flecks – other tiny bits of seasonings are visible in this slightly medium thick sauce. Predominant scents are of onion, vinegar and cayenne. Fresh and fragrant.

Scotty O Hotty medium thick mild sauce
Medium thick

Taste Straight Up: Big, fresh garden taste thanks to the veggies in the front of the ingredients. Think of a fresh pepper mash with mild heat. The tomatoes add a nice supporting flavor, but they do not overpower – allowing a hint of the beer to come through. Delicious and different.

scotty o hotty mild label graphics
Nice label

Label/Graphics: Emblazoned with an oval of “Old No. 2” and proudly stating it is “Made in Michigan”, the labels are clean and simple. Flames of fire surround the title, in this case “Premium Pepper Sauce”. Good looking, although the “Old No. 2” is a mystery. Simple and sharp.

Heat Level: Mild – in a nice, salsa kind of way. The peppers and seasonings are well balanced and complement each other. Savory and Satisfying.

On Foods

Of course, we had to try the sauce on pizza. The pleasant taste fit the bill. Scotty O’Hotty Premium Pepper Sauce worked great on pizza.

scotty o hotty mild on pizza
Scotty O’Hotty Mild on pizza

On Wings:

One of the Scotty O’Hotty recipes calls for making chicken wings 2 different ways. Scotty’s way, and Mrs. Scotty’s way. We went with Scotty’s way this time. We par-baked then deep fried the wings first (our recipe here). Then we tossed the fully cooked and fried wings in the sauce. Scotty’s recipe calls for putting the wings back into a hot oven (350º) for 15 – 20 minutes to “set” the sauce. While the sauce did indeed get tacky and set up, the crispy skin of the wings went away. Baking after saucing made them soft. Disappointing.

Scotty O’Hotty Mild on wings

Next time we will try Mrs. Scotty’s version that calls for 2 parts of sauce to 1 part butter. Toss cooked wings and enjoy. A much more traditional way to make wings.

Left – wet. Right – baked.

Final Thoughts: Scotty O’Hotty Premium Pepper Sauce Mild would be great on nachos, burgers, hot dogs and even as a dip for french fries.

Our Ratings

Heat: Rated 1 out of 5 Stars 1/5 – A great “entry level” sauce for the curious or gift-givers looking for something mild.

Overall: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars 4/5 – A delicious and very pourable sauce. Get 2 or 3 bottles – because you can enjoy this “everyday” sauce on many foods.

About Scotty O’Hotty

Scott and Suzi Owens started Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce in 2011 and now offer 3 Made in Michigan hot sauces as well as their new “Suzi’s Back Rub”. Visit and click on the Store link to order.

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  1. I really enjoyed the fresh flavor of this sauce. Go to their website to get the coupon code that will give you 15% off through Dec. 16th!

  2. Wow, thank you for the review Brian! We are so glad you enjoyed our “Premium Pepper Sauce.” We are honered! Its nice to see our mild get some love, its usually all about “The Ghost Sauce.” The Mild was developed as an all around condiment for everyone. Thank you again! Stay Hott & Happy holidays! ~Scotty ( P.S. one day, over a beer, I’ll tell you what the “Old No.2” stands for!)

  3. Scotty O Hotty sauce is the best sauce I’ve ever had. I’ve never been a hot sauce person, until now.I really love the taste of this sauce. My chili has never tasted so good. Thanks, Scotty for such a delicious product. Congrats on all of your products. You both (Scotty ,& Suzi), deserve all the awards out there.

  4. I’m not a hot sauce person but I love the mild sauce. It’s good on everything. I mix it in mayo for sandwiches, tartar sauce, in quesadillas and tomorrow I want to try on Paula Deens Mac and cheese. Absolutely love the flavor.

  5. So today I put the mild on Paula Deens Mac and Cheese and it was really good. It almost tasted like a Mexican Mac and Cheese. Put a little on some meatloaf and that was also very good. All around sauce for everything.

  6. Brian,

    Great review and I couldn’t agree more with the earlier posts. I had their HOT version of the sauce and it was delish. The color, texture and aroma were great and it went very well as a topper for our pizza, but did not try on wings. I operate an online retail store ( based out of Rochester, NY for hot sauces and fiery foods, so I will be reaching out to them see if I can carry it.

    The ingredients look pretty straight-forward, but can you confirm if it is all-natural, has any organic ingredients, or if perhaps is gluten free?

    1. Hi Tom, I’ve forwarded your comment and questions to Scott. For sake of accuracy, I figured we should go right to the top!

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I have been hearing about how great Scotty O’Hotty sauce was from my brother and various friends for quite some time now but i hadn’t had a chance to get my hands on some until just before Christmas. It was wonderful, in fact it was even better than i expected and i had fairly high expectations after hearing rave reviews for months. Scotty O’Hotty will be my sauce of choice for the foreseeable future.

    PS Try a squirt of the Ghost in your Bloody Mary, you wont be disappointed.

    1. Hey, thanks for letting us know, Bob! Scotty’s sauces are getting more well known.

      And thanks for the tip about the Bloody Mary.

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