Brian with Giant Cholula

Retirement – the real kind – not the Internet thing

Brian with Giant Cholula

Hello Internet… I’ve missed you.

Hello readers… I’ve missed you too!

Retirement is fun!

After over 11 years of writing HotSauceDaily this may be the most personal post I’ve ever written. Bear with me.

Real life got real busy the past few weeks er, months. Hell, for 2 years I was stuck in a supervisory position at my job – and boy, did THAT suck!

Hence the title, Retirement. Yup, after 33 years and 3 months with the US Postal Service, this mailman hung up his bag (no jokes please) and retired!

Retirement IRL

I often get asked “Do you miss your customers now?” Um, sadly, I’ve missed my customers for over 2 years since I was unable to physically jump in and out of my truck over 250 times a day. So, the last 2 years were at a desk. Did I mention that really sucked?

So I’m out. Done. Finished. As a matter of fact, as I like to tell my wife Marilyn, I’m off tomorrow. 🙂

I now get up in the morning because I want to. My front porch is a perfect perch to watch the world go by on. A block off the beach here means a lot of bikinis stroll to and from the beach, and gosh darn it, I will see to it that they find their way.

But What About the Hot Sauces?

Oh yea, the hot sauces. They’re piling up. They need some love. And us. You and me. After all, that’s why I write and you read, right?

Now that I have more time, I plan to get active again reviewing sauces and rubs and all the spicy goodies we all love.

My good friend Rich from Rich’s River Smokers of West Virginia (Rich’s River Smokers on YouTube) has encouraged me to do some quick video reviews too.

Wait, videos?

Oh yea. I’ve been slowly building up my YouTube channel HotSauceDaily on YouTube with mostly grilling and smoking videos. And recipes. And cocktails. Outdoor cooking and grilling is my second love after hot sauce.

But Rich has inspired me to do some quick and dirty videos of hot sauce reviews. But if you’ve followed me at all, you know they won’t be of the “burn-your-face-off” crazy variety.


My Instagram account is where I’ve been cheating on you all for the past few months. HotSauceDaily on Instagram.

I’m sorry. She’s just so damn hot. That Instagram girl.

I just buy her a few cocktails and she’s all In. Sta. Gram. (I’m sorry I wrote that.)

What’s Next?

I. Don’t. Know.

More hot sauces. More grilling. More videos. More jokes. “A hot sauce, a bbq sauce, and a rub walk into a bar…”.

Definitely more Instagram stuff.

I want to do more YouTube videos too.

I’m at a crossroads in my life and I’m loving being an at home hubby. My daily “honey do” list is short and sweet (for now) and I’m happy to help.

So thanks for reading so far, and for you long time readers for sticking with me.


Bonus points for reading this far!

My Retirement car. A 2018 Kia Soul 1 Million Edition
My Retirement car. A 2018 Kia Soul 1 Million Edition

I’ve got a really nice surprise giveaway up my sleeve that I’m sure you will enjoy. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by to read!

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Thank you! ~brian

PS – drop a comment below please. I’d like to know if you’re still out there!

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  1. Congratulations on retirement. My Great Grand Father worked for the Post Office. My Grand Father worked for the Post Office. My Father worked for the Post Office. You see were this is going? Well I jumped ship and worked for UPS and retired 6 years ago. The new chapter in your life has only just begun.

  2. Congrats on your retirement! I’m glad you were able to kiss that desk of boringness goodbye! Nice new wheelz, too! Are you in Florida? That picture kind of looks like it. I live in Port Charlotte these days, though I grew up in Wyoming. Have you tried “¡Sabor!” by Texas Pete yet? It’s a fairly new hot sauce, and it’s my second favorite one.

    1. Ocean City Maryland here BiGG! Those high rises are on the beach / oceanfront.

      Yes I have a few bottles of Texas Pete’s ¡Sabor! around here. I think they just changed the graphics on the label slightly too. Love it, and love that it’s in the grocery stores for all the non-chileheads to discover. A fantastic taco sauce indeed!

      Thank you for the nice comments.

  3. Missed you – wondered where you went. Glad you’re back to give us your “professional” comments on hot sauces. Enjoy your retirement.

  4. Congrats brother enjoy your retirement I have been for 6 years now and honestly I don’t know how I had time to work back then, I love it now but never idol!!!

  5. RSS aggregator means I’m still here! Congrats on your retirement, and get busy enjoying life!

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