Reading About Food in the Wednesday Newspapers

It’s Wednesday, my favorite day to read about food in the newspapers. The Baltimore Sun Taste Section comes out today, as well as the NY Times Dining Out section.

Each Wednesday, I look forward to the Baltimore Sun’s Taste Section.

Rob Kasper writes some great articles about food in general, as well as writing about local favorites – and he includes gardening, travels and other interesting foodie tidbits as well. His “Takeout” column highlights local carry-out, with a themed approach. He’s not all local, so check out his blog. Kasper also writes a beer blog called Kasper on Tap.

BaltSun’s local restaurant critic, Elizabeth Large, does some great reviews of local restaurants too, typically on Sundays for her Palate/Restaurant Review column in the Arts & Life Today section.

But for the Taste section on Wednesdays, in her column Table Talk, she writes about the comings and goings about Baltimore’s Restaurant scene.  And like most cities, there are a lot of changes in the dining scene.

Thanks Elizabeth for keeping us up to date on Baltimore’s dining scene.

Maria Blackburn and Jill Rosen also contribute a great deal of good content, worthy of your attention no matter where you live.

I’m sure I missed mentioning other contributing writers, but this reader is very appreciative of your work. Feel free to drop me a line if you feel I should add you to this list of great writers.


The New York Times Dining Out section is, of course, very NYC-centric. But I almost always enjoy or learn something after reading through it.

Frank Bruni, apparently feared by NYC’s restauranteurs, is the in-house critic.

Eric Asimov writes The Pour, all about wine, beer and spirits.

And, of course, there’s Mark Bittman‘s The Minimalist column.

As I said, Wednesday is a great day for reading about food in the papers.

Do you know of other newpapers that feature food in a weekly section? Philly? Chicago? Atlanta?

Let me know what you like by leaving a comment.

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  1. Brian, I wonder if you are missing Elizabeth’s in-depth reviews, which actually run on Sundays in our Arts & Life section.,0,1127173.story

    Her Wednesday column has more of the comings and goings on the local restaurant scene.

    Kate Shatzkins last blog post..Cream of Red Pepper Soup

  2. Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Actually my column in the Taste section, Table Talk, is a restaurant news column, not reviews. My reviews appear in The Sun’s Sunday Arts & Life Today section.

  3. @Kate and @Elizabeth: Thanks for the comments and corrections.
    I’ve updated my post to be more accurate.

  4. Here’s a page that has links to several weekly food sections from around the country. My favorite food section, however, appears on Wednesday in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It can be viewed at Check all of these sites out, some of them have archives and there’s a lot of good stuff to found in them!


  5. Thanks Gregg. The list of Food Sections on is extensive and a great resource!