Pizza Friday – A Year in Pizza – Infographic

Pizza Friday. Of course Pizza is good any night of the week. Americans love their Pizza, and this informative and entertaining infographic has some astounding numbers of pizza-digestion. God. Bless. Pizza.

Pizza Infographic

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What do you think of the numbers of Pizza ingested by Americans? I think the slices per year are low. Only 46 slices per year each? That’s not me!
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  1. Does that take into consideration the pizza places, i.e, Lido’s Pizza, that cut their pizza into little squares? I think not

    1. They would be pieces of slices and therefore double the stats. Now we are twice as fat! Thanks Marilyn!

  2. I’d be curious to see the pizzeria ownership percentages back in the 80’s when you would think Pizza Hut and Dominos would probably hold 50%.

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