Phoenix Man Has Largest Collection of Hot Sauces

Vic Clinco of Phoenix, Arizona doesn’t just collect hot sauces. He displays them in an entire room of his house dedicated to them, on beautiful shelving and other unique displays.

Located in what is supposed to be the formal dining room, Vic estimates his vast collection of hot sauce at 2,500+ bottles… and it’s still growing.

Just part of Vic's collection. Click for bigness.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vic on Episode 30 of our Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast. You can click the player below, or visit HotSauceWeekly.com for this episode and all the others.

Below is a fun Panoramic player from PhotoySynth.net showing all of Vic’s incredible collection.

Click the player below to listen to the podcast. ~ Enjoy!

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  1. man that is a lot of hot sauce … i posted this article and put a link back on my site. its people like this that make the HOT SAUCE worth it.

    1. You can contact Vic on Facebook. You can send anyone a message whether you are “friends” or not.

  2. That is an amazing collection! Do you collect Hot sauce too Brian?

      1. Ahem, this is Brian’s wife. He is not TECHNICALLY a collector, as he usually ends up using the sauces…. but there are quite a few bottles on our shelves that he hasn’t gotten around to opening yet 🙂

  3. I spent a few hours yesterday admiring this collection at Vic’s house. Man, let me tell you, there are no words to describe it. It felt like the first time I saw a beautiful girl. I was stunned. Check out what we did on my website. Seriously, it was crazy and but we survived. Barely. Thanks Vic!

  4. Hi, my name is Tom and I work for Guinness World Records. I found your site and wanted ask you to apply for our record for ‘largest collection of hot sauces’. This can be done on our website. Thanks.

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