Peppers at the Beach 2012 Photos

Peppers at the Beach Tailgate Party was another HUGE success! Now in it’s 3rd year, it’s just getting bigger and better and more fun. We spent Day 1 moving around the event, meeting new chileheads and new hot sauce manufacturers. We got a few interviews on Friday for our HotSauceWeekly podcast, and lots of pictures to share as well.

Our Slideshow of photos from Day 1:

Day 2 on Saturday was of course the big day!

Big crowds, 6 big wing contests, and big chilehead celebrities brought on the most fun of the weekend. A Guinness World Record was (unofficially) broken by Steve “The Machine” Smallwood, eating 8 Ghost chiles in 1 minute! The previous record was only 3 Ghost chiles in just over a minute. Add to that amazing fact, that within an hour or so, The Machine proceeded to eat 8 Trinidad Scorpion peppers in just as short a time, possibly establishing a new world record.

Check out the pics below, and we’ll be posting some videos from the day soon. The evening festivities featured a delicious dinner at Whiskey Beach in Dewey Beach, Delaware, followed by a huge Karaoke Contest sponsored by Johnny McLaughlin of

Our Slideshow of photos from Day 2:

Day 3 on Sunday had smaller crowds:

But the hard-core vendors hung in there, braving the high winds and clouds to keep the crowd well-fed and sauced up! Johnny, assisted by Firehead Thomas Gately and the lovely Annabelle, kept cooking up the hits, as did many of the hot sauce manufacturers.

You’ll want to make plans to attend next year… everyone had a blast.

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