Peppers at the Beach 2011 Day 3 – Wrap Up

Peppers at the Beach ended with a whimper on Sunday, as only a handful of vendors returned for the last day. The crowd turn-out was moderate, but it was anticlimactic. Also, our good friends Al “Buddah” and Scott Roberts had to head out very early to make their way home. We had a great time all weekend. Enjoy our pics.

The Girls of Peppers:

We’d like to thank all the staff at Peppers for a great weekend. These girls know their “hot stuff” and were just the best hosts.

Girls of Peppers

Rachel, Cierra (CC), Jessica, Heidi and Christina

The Big 3 – Big Bald Bloggers:

Brian Meagher, Al “Buddah” Goldenberg and Scott Roberts pose for a last group photo:
Brian Buddah Scott

Photo Finish:

For a really good narrative write-up of the entire weekend, check out Scott Roberts’ 2011 Peppers at the Beach Diary post.
Also, here is a good on-the-spot video Buddah and Scott did of Bacon Jerky at Peppers – a “man on the street” style review.

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  1. Love your sriracha shirt!

    • Heyyyyyy… thanks for noticing! I’m very proud of that shirt. It’s a one of a kind, as the artist is not making them currently. Marilyn got it for me for Christmas 2010.

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