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People’s Choice Awards from Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012

This is an exhaustive list of the best of the best. All were voted on in the People’s Choice Awards at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012, which means that not one of them is a sleeper.

You could not go wrong ordering any of these sauces! Bookmark this post for your shopping ease and pleasure. A * denotes a review here on HotSauceDaily.com.


  1. Big Dawg SalsaSlobber Sauce
  2. * Smither Family KitchenDillapeñoOur review
  3. Texas Select SeasoningsHabanero Honey Mustard

Wing Sauce:

  1. Intensity AcademyChai Sweet Chili
  2. Big Red’s Hot SauceSmokey Habanero Sauce
  3. Zack & Zane’s – Culinary Pyros Ghost Chili Wing Sauce


  1. Backyard GrillRib Rub
  2. Jac’s TailgatersBayou Chili Seasoning
  3. Cin ChiliCin Chili Seasoning Mix

Jams & Jellies:

  1. Texas Select Seasonings – Apple Strawberry Habanero Jelly
  2. Joy PeppersStrawberry Jalapeño Jelly
  3. Silverleaf InternationalDrunken Pepper Jelly

Pickled Products:

  1. Joy Peppers – Joy Peppers
  2. Backyard Grill – Mee Maw’s Spicy Pickles
  3. Silverleaf International – Bread & Butter Garlic with Ghost Pepper


  1. Austin Slow Burn – Green Chile con Queso
  2. Big Dawg Salsa – Jalapeño Cilantro Dip Mix
  3. Texas SensationsGourmet Batter Mix


  1. Austin Slow Burn – Jamaica Jerk Marinade
  2. * Flaming Joe’sCaribbean Style Jerk SauceOur review
  3. Big Dawg – Soaking Your Meat Sauce

BBQ Sauce:

  1. Big Daddy’s Ass BurnOrange Show Fire Blossom Special
  2. Tat’s Sauces & MarinadesBlack Dahlia Ghost BBQ
  3. Cin Chili – Cindy’s Cin-namon Apple BBQ

Special Variety:

  1. Big Daddy’s Ass Burn – Flaming Lips – Three Drops of Death
  2. Silverleaf Intl – Ghost Pepper Salsa
  3. Backyard Grill – Schloppin’ Sauce


  1. Silverleaf Intl – Ghost Pepper Salsa
  2. Texas Select Seasonings – Chili Pequin & Serrano Salsa
  3. Austin Slow Burn – Green Chili Salsa Fresca

Habanero Sauce:

  1. Backyard Grill – Gnarley Knucklebuster
  2. Big Daddy’s Ass Burn – Big Daddy’s High on Fire
  3. Texas Select Seasonings – Southwest Habanero

Green Sauce:

  1. Texas Select Seasonings – Tomatillo Avocado Salsa
  2. Big Daddy’s Ass Burn – Amplified Heat
  3. Austin Slow Burn – Salsa Verde

Red Sauce:

  1. Big Daddy’s Ass Burn – Ass Burn Hot Sauce
  2. Backyard Grill – Triple Dog Dare Ya
  3. Texas Select Seasonings – Tex Mex

Hottest Hot Sauce:

  1. CaJohn’sBlack Mamba Get Bitten
  2. Big Red’sGod’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce
  3. Howard’s Yummies – Thistle Kill Ye

Best in Show:

Big Daddy’s Ass Burn


Backyard Grill

Salsa Contest Winners:

I was lucky to be a judge in the Salsa Contest, and out of almost 60 entries, the following winners were the best of the best in Salsa at the show.

All Purpose Salsa:

  1. * Red’sHot SalsaOur Review
  2. High Octane Sauce CompanyTire Smokin’ Salsa Medium
  3. SilverLeaf International – Ghost Pepper Salsa

Fruit Based Salsa:

  1. Montezuma BrandSmokey Chipotle® Raspberry Lime Salsa
  2. Gunther’s GourmetSpicy Ginger Pineapple Salsa
  3. Red’s – Mango Habanero Salsa

Notes: I’ve only linked to the companies once, but tried to include all the product links. If anything is awry, please let me know. Buy often and plenty, and tell everyone Brian and Marilyn from HotSauceDaily.com sent you!

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