Pace Triple Pepper Salsa Review

Pace Triple Pepper Salsa

Pace has a new line of jarred salsas out. Triple Pepper Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, and a Mexican Four Cheese Salsa con Queso.
The first one I tried is their Triple Pepper Salsa, featuring green chili, serrano and guajillo peppers.

Now, I’m not a big fan of jarred salsas. Most usually taste… well, “jarry”. But I think they have a winner here with their Triple Pepper Salsa!

For jarred salsa, this stuff is great. Nice thick texture (think gloppy taco sauce), with a great dark smokey flavor, and a nice medium to medium-hot heat level.

But I don’t know why they call it Triple Pepper because in addition to the green chilis, serrano and guajillo peppers, it also has jalapeno and ancho chili peppers. I guess Quintuple Pepper Salsa isn’t as marketable.

Anyway, if I had to reach for a bottle of salsa at the supermarket, for a quickie fix to bring salsa to a party, or just for snacking on at home… this new line of Pace products is very promising. Especially this Triple Pepper Salsa. Dip your chips in this salsa, or drizzle some on a mexican pizza, or pour some on tacos to kick things up a bit.

Ingredients: crushed tomatoes (water, concentrated crushed tomatoes), diced tomatoes in tomato juice, fresh jalapeno peppers, green chili peppers, balsamic vinegar, serrano peppers, guajillo and ancho chili peppers, salt, jalapeno pepper puree, dehydrated onions, spice, garlic, distilled vinegar and citric acid.

I plan to review the other salsas in this new line soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Your description of the salsa sounds nice, but the picture in the bowl doesn’t do much for the eyes 🙂

    IF i can find the Pace line here in Denmark, they will be tested, as we primarily have junk salsa on the shelves here. Hence my food processor is usually making my own salsa.

    Larss last blog post..Pasta med kylling og portobello svampe

  2. @Lars – I agree about the look of the salsa. It’s not chunky at all. As I said, kind of gloppy and thick. But the flavor is great. Thanks!

  3. Jarrod says

    I picked up this salsa at the supermarket, and I was as surprised as you were. I like it with my quesadillas, and I have went through a few jars since I discovered it.

  4. @Jarrod – awesome… glad you liked it. It really is a good pre-made salsa in a jar. Stay tuned for my review of the other Pace salsas in this line.

  5. Have you given the Pace queso a try yet? Actually do you have any suggestions for a good jarred queso at all? Short of making my own there doesn’t seem to be much of a quality selection out there.

    Love the blog!

  6. @Tom – Yes, we tried the Pace Queso… salty, not enough heat. I’ve yet to find a decent jarred queso dip.
    And the one time I tried making my own, it too was not good.

    The quest continues for a good home-made queso!

  7. It seems that Pace has discontinued the Triple Pepper Salsa. Does anyone know where you might be able to still buy some?


  8. JENN do you live in NYC? i can get a few cases

  9. cynthia says

    Hi to all,

    I am hoping to get my husband a case of Triple Pepper Salsa for Christmas. I am three hours from NYC, but willing to drive.

    If any one knows of where I could buy this, please let me know.


    • I’d be happy to ship out a quantity of Pace Triple Pepper Salsa to you, just contact me and let me know how many jars you want.

  10. I love Triple Pepper Salsa. And now that they’ve discontinued it, I’m frantically looking for a substitute or a recipe to make my own…

  11. Hey Brian,
    I am game for a few bottle of the Triple pepper salsa. Do you still have some.

    [email protected]

  12. I don’t have this one on my site yet.

  13. I bought this in a three pack at Sams Club recently. It was three different varieties and unfortunately the other two weren’t as good.