Old Bay dry rubbed wings

Old Bay Butter Wings

Old Bay Seasoning on Wings is a classic take on our local crab / seafood seasoning on deep fried wings.

Week of Wings 7 – Day 2 – Old Bay butter wings

These deep fried wings get a nice kick from Old Bay and butter.

Old Bay Seasoning in butter on wings

Old Bay dry rubbed wings
Old Bay and butter wings

– 1 lb wings
– 1 Tbs Old Bay Seasoning
– 1 stick (8 T) unsalted butter

Melt butter in bowl, add Old Bay Seasoning, toss hot fried wings in butter / Old Bay mixture to coat.

These wings are silky, crispy, buttery, savory and delicious. They are unique and delicious wings that everyone at your party will devour!

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Marilyn rates these at 5 stars. Enjoy.

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  1. We baked the wings for 40 minutes with a light dusting of Old Bay, then deep fried them til crispy. Tossed in the butter and Old Bay mix, the flavor and texture were perfect – still crispy, buttery, and Old Bay-ey :-).

    You could finish them off with a light sprinkle of Old Bay when you’re done, but they really don’t need it, especially if you’re sensitive to too much salt like I am.

    I loved them!

  2. Wings/Butter/Old Bay….Sounds like it would be hard to mess this combo up

  3. Such an easy preparation but dang good. Who knew Old Bay was so good on wings? I found out by accident.

    1. Old Bay is such a classic spice blend, it’s good on so many foods!

      But I do miss the days when it was only available in the Maryland / Chesapeake Bay region. Back then, I could brag about it to those west of the Allegheny Mountains!

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