New York City Hot Sauce Expo Audio Feedback

The 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo was a huge success! So much so, this expo is now THE PREMIER HOT SAUCE EVENT on the East Coast! Word on the street is, next year the Third Annual NYCHSE will be even bigger!

NYC Hot Sauce Expo Main Hall
Photo credit: Michelle Northrup

The 2nd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo Feedback

Since we couldn’t be there at the show, we called up a few of our friends and asked for their feedback and experiences.

I would love to have called each and every one of the vendors, but the following is a nice representation of the overall experience.

I recorded our conversations and published them on SoundCloud. Enjoy the short audio “interviews” below! (They all run from 4:00 minutes to about 7:00 minutes – except Ken’s.)

And… one of the cool things you can do is leave a Comment right inside the audio files below! Just click on the file underneath the waveforms (the shorter bars underneath the horizontal line)… and your Comment shows up AT THAT POINT in the audio. Very cool! Have fun with it!

Bonus points! If you were a vendor at the show, and would like to be included here, with a short (4-8 min. soundbite) interview of how YOU thought the show went, just hit us up by email ([email protected]) or clicking the Contact button up at the top. We will add your audio “interview” to the list below.

The Interviews (feedback)

It was fun talking to the folks below about the show. If you want to be included, just let us know. We’ll post the conversation of attendees (chileheads), hot sauce makers, or anyone that wants to talk about the show.

First up is the event’s creator and hot sauce genius, Steve Seabury.

Next up, the colorful John Rizzotti of Rippin’ Red Wing Sauces – winner of 2nd and 3rd Place Screaming MiMi’s!

Scotty Owens of Scotty O’Hotty – winner of 2 Screaming MiMi Awards.

Local Hot Sauce makers A&B American Style give us their take on the show.

First timer Dov Teta of Gemini Crow shares his experience as a newcomer to the world of hot sauce shows.

Shellie Mierwald of Sweet Heat Gourmet gives us her take on the expo…

Jeremy Walsh of Bigfats in Chicago chimes in.

Scott Zalkind travelled from California for this event…

Ken Alexander fed us videos all weekend long.

Ok, that’s it for now. The cat’s out of the bag… next year the Third Annual New York City Hot Sauce Expo will be in a bigger and better venue. And there are two reasons for that. One, it’s just too friggin’ huge, and two, the venue at the Penn will be closed for 3 years for renovations.

So look for an even bigger space next year! Woo hoo!

Please leave a Comment below if you want us to add your audio review of the show (we’ll call you for a recording), or if you attended and were blown away by it all. We’ll record you and add the sound bite right here.
Beer’s up!

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  1. First I would like to say the price to get in was great and should never increase just because people think this was great. The price of 5 dollar for a great pint of beer in NYC was very nice ,hope next year its the same haha.The food ,pull pork was really good and for 8 bucks great.I hope next year it could be in a better location because mid-town sucks.

  2. Hey Brian & Sweetie (a.k.a. Marilyn)!

    We really missed seeing you guys this passed weekend. It was a great show thanks to Mr. Seabury and all the other organizers. Get yourself better and get your butts to the next fiery show!

    Dan Lowenstein, owner

  3. Brian & Marilyn, We were really hoping to meet you guys! That said, The NYC hot sauce expo was da bomb! We feel so fortunate to be involved with such an event & can’t wait to go back! Thanks for all the work you do within the hot sauce community Brian, the interviews are very cool. I will be sending our new sauce Beer-Bacon Chipotle soon. My 3 year old Wes, keeps asking Mom (Suzi) to play daddy talking out of the computer lol. Stay Hott. ~Scotty

  4. Great job on the recap, guys! Sorry I got long winded- as usual! Lol it was just such a great show that I was excited to let everyone know just how great!! I had a blast giving a little taste for folks, and you being there would’ve made the weekend complete!! Next year!!

  5. Nice job on putting these all together Brian. It was nice chat with you. Wish you could have been at the show. Steve and Jimmy did a great job of promoting and getting people in the door as well as making the whole event a blast!! Looking forward to next year.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I have fun recording and playing/editing audio files.

      And it sure does look like Jimmy and Steve did an outstanding job on the show!

      Next year should be bigger and betterer again!

  6. I listened to all of the feedback and it seems that everyone had a great time. I am already looking forward to next year. Thanks again for the continued support.

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