New Sriracha Sauce (Rooster Sauce) Tee Shirts Coming Soon

UPDATE: 05/11/13

Winning shirt designs announced!

Ripple Junction has picked the winning sriracha tee shirt designs based on the 2 highest votes:



They also picked two winners from their poll. Congratulations to Jan Lawrence and Shawn Romines! Ripple Junction will be contacting them.

We will pick our winners from all the Comments left below shortly and announce them on Sunday May 12th, 2013.

Win a Sriracha Sauce Tee Shirt!

The folks at Ripple Junction, one of the largest purveyors of licensed apparel in the world, have partnered with Huy Fong Foods, makers of the famous Tuong Ot Sriracha Sauce (Rooster sauce), to create a new line of tee shirts that any Sriracha Sauce fan would love to own. And now you could win one for yourself! has teamed up with Ripple Junction to offer you a chance to win one of these awesome “Rooster Sauce” tee shirts simply by answering a short and colorful survey here:

Tuong Ot Sriracha Logo

You will see samples of at least 12 new designs of Sriracha tee shirts that you can vote on. Simply enter your name, email address, who sent you (HOTSAUCEDAILY of course!) and vote on each design, for a chance to win one.

I think you will be pleased with the designs that Ripple Junction is offering, and when the shirts actually go into production, we will be offering a Second Chance contest here at for some Authentic Sriracha tee shirt giveaways ourselves, courtesy of Ripple Junction.

We can’t show you the design offerings here, but the short survey (it took me about 60 seconds to complete) has them displayed in all of their colorful glory.

Here’s the survey link again: and don’t forget to put “hotsaucedaily” in the Who Brought You Here? box.

[notification style=”success” font_size=”15px”] Bonus! Let us know in the Comments below, that you filled out the survey, for a bonus entry into our Second Chance giveaway, when the shirts are in production! [/notification]

Good luck!

UPDATE: The Survey and your chance to enter ends Friday May 10th!
They will pick one design from all of the opinions – and may include the original Tuong Ot label as well.

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  1. Christy Morris says:

    Hoping to win a t-shirt!!

    • Woo hoo! Nice job being “first in line” Christy! Fill out that survey, and you are in.

      To our knowledge, authentic Sriracha tee’s are not available anywhere else.

  2. Awesome! Just entered!

  3. Jilian says:

    Entered. My husband NEEDS the Put Sriracha on EVERYTHING shirt.

  4. Tweeks says:

    I would have liked to see a shirt with JUST the logo (from the front of the bottle on it.. Like the graphics above!


  5. Tweeks says:
  6. Jeff Bradford says:

    dun the survey! awesome guys !Sriracha forever!!!

    • Thanks Jeff. Which was your favorite?

      It’d be cool if folks included their favorite design here in the Comments!

  7. woo hoo! some of these are GREAT!!! Love your sauce, love the shirts, filled out the survey!

  8. Fun contest! I’m in. And for the record, I liked the sriracha IV drip and Rooster Booster shirts.

    • Good luck Wayne. I’ve spent so much time on Google+ lately, I want to Plus 1 your comment here. Doh!

  9. Jerry West says:

    Great contest, a lot of cool t’s. Thanks for a chance Brian!

  10. Patrick says:

    Very nice, I like the first one..plain and simple.

  11. I took the survey, liked some of them, only loved 2.

  12. James Rogers says:

    Some really cool tee-shirt designs, hope to get one sometime

  13. I heart sriracha. I filled out the survey- Would love to win a tshirt. Even if I don’t win, I see myself buying one once they are available. I took another survey somewhere on the internet about sriracha and the findings concluded that I need to check myself into a Sriracha Addiction facility. 🙂

  14. George G. says:

    I took the survey and I am a Sriracha user. The designs look great.

  15. I liked the first shirt the best.

  16. Done! The first one is my fav so far.

  17. Ronald Cox says:

    Filled it out, am I in?

  18. First time on this website – nice.

  19. Just filled out the survey. Now send me a Sriracha I.V. t-shirt!!!

  20. Filled it out, some cool ideas, if I don’t win one I will have to buy one.

  21. i filled out the survey, i want the PUT SRIRACHA ON EVERYTHING shirt, its awesome.

  22. Thanks for bringing this to us! Liked a couple of the shirts. Kind of wish they’d just stuck with the art up top… Everyone recognizes it 🙂

    • I agree with you Carol. I’m kind of thinking they’re going to do an original design anyway along with some of these newer ones. But I have to confirm that.

  23. Jan Lawrence says:

    My son loves this sauce so much he just named his dog sriracha, I took the survey so I can win him a free t shirt!

  24. Thanks! Just filled out the survey… I would be curious on the stats as to which shirts ranked the most popular. By the way Brian, Love the site and get on a couple times a week!

    • Thanks for the nice comment, Josh.
      I’m waiting to hear back from the guys at Ripple Junction as to how the “voting” results are coming along.

      Thanks for visiting us!

  25. I have supported Huy Fong Foods for many years. Happy to fill out the survey for a chance to win authentic Sriracha garb!

  26. Great survey! They were all neat designs..just liked a couple more the others. It would be interesting to see how they rank in the end.

  27. Rain Adkins says:

    Entered. I loved “…on everything” and “pho-get”.

  28. Just in time! I did the survey and there were 3 that I really loved. Now I want them.

  29. ATTENTION: All Sriracha Sauce Tee Shirt lovers… we’ve posted the winners from Ripple Junction as well as the winning Tee Shirt designs that were the top vote getters.

    I’m posting this reply in hopes that you visit us to see the final Tee Shirts. It’s currently on the front page of or posted here for all time:

    We will pick a winner from all the comments on for a shirt, and will announce the winner on Sunday, May 12th.

  30. Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for! We have a winner!!
    Selected at random, our winner is..

    Tom Murphy!

    Congratulations Tom, we’ll be contacting you via email!
    Thanks to all of you who participated. Keep following for future contests and reviews !

  31. Tom Murphy says:

    Who has two thumbs and just won an awesome t-shirt?
    This guy!!!
    Thanks guys. keep up the great work!

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