National Hot Sauce Day Giveaway

It’s National Hot Sauce Day 2016!

We’re asking our readers and subscribers to tell us their single favorite hot sauce of all time.


Let’s keep this simple and fun!

Tell us your one favorite hot sauce of all time.

We’re talking “Stranded on an island with only one hot sauce to have for the rest of your life!”

Simply leave a Comment below and tell us what hot sauce you would need for the rest of your life.

Each Comment will be an entry into our next giveaway of a hot sauce of our choice! How ironic, huh?

Have fun, and let’s see what everyone comes up with!

One entry per person, per email. Giveaway ends 01/31/2016 at Midnight EST.

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  1. I’ll start it off! Pickapeppa Red Hot Sauce for me. The natural sweetness of cane sugar and fiery peppers is the perfect balance of heat and sweet. Goes great with everything.

    • Greg Gall says:

      For me here in the UK, first place goes to Foo King Hot Reaper Madness. It is very hot but heat isn’t everything. This one has a pronounced coconut and mango flavour along with a hint of lime. I also enjoy Flying Goose Sriracha.

    • My favorite hot sauce of the day is franks red hot

  2. high river sauces – tears of the sun – private reserve

  3. Dean Sweet says:

    If I had to stick to just one I’d bring lucky dog hot sauce red. Its been a couple years since I tried this sauce thanks to you Brian and it’s still one of my favorites.

  4. Beryl Gamiel says:

    I love Louisiana Horseradish hot sauce. Perfect amount of spiciness and flavor for me. I use it on everything!

  5. I am not really sure this is a fair question because I love so many hot sauces. But, I am a contest whore so I will say Secret Aardvark.

  6. Gary Hart says:

    I believe that “HELLFIRE FIRST BLOOD Hot Sauce” was one of my favorites. There’s no added extract or vinegar. It’s made with a variety of chilies and other fresh ingredients.
    Thank you for your interest.

  7. Tom Carlson says:

    Mine is Cholula. Its not too hot and has good flavor.

  8. Ralph Pietropaolo says:

    I have tried many different hot sauces…but, my very favorite one is TEXAS PETE SRIRACHA CHA!!!

  9. Travis says:

    Sinclair’s Fatalii Hot Sauce by Sweet Heat Gourmet. its not very hot but man is it good.

    I subscribed to the Fuego Box for about a year (delivers 3 different hot sauces quarterly) and of all that I have tried from your reviews (I order most that are 5 stars) the best was from Sweet Heat Gourmet

  10. Bill Woodward says:

    I wish it was still available, but I loved Hector’s Smokin’ Jalapeno and Smokin Habanero sauces. Good heat, great flavor.

    • It’s sad when a favorite sauce goes “under”. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite by reading our reviews this year. 🙂

  11. Ryan Gondzur says:

    Tiger Sauce…I use it a lot while cooking on the smoker. It’s not hot but the flavor is great!!!

  12. Mine would be Spice O’ Life Jalapeno Hot Sauce from of course…Cin Chili & Company. This sauce goes well on fish and anything green. On a deserted island your food choices are mostly seafood and plant life. Therefore, this is the perfect sauce to spice up your food options.

  13. Bryan Hardie says:

    Texas Pete’s for me. It’s so simple and a time honored classic.

  14. Professor Payneindass Sphincter Shrinker #2. My father in law opened my eyes to this delicacy. Happy festivities, friends!

  15. Patman says:

    Well, I would have to go with the one that I use the most, and actually have a bottle of at the office (not just at home) – good ol’ Tapatío (though, the Trader Joe’s implementation of Sriracha is a pretty close second…)

  16. Pennie Daniel says:

    Mine is a hot sauce two friends and I make each year. It uses the datil pepper, a great pepper that grows mainly in and around St Augustine Florida. Of course there are many companies here that brew it commercially, but we love doing it for family and friends. Last year’s was the best ever!.

  17. John F says:

    Dragon Fire from Island Spice. A friend of mine brought it back as a gift from Jamaica and I have been in love ever since.

  18. FIRE ANT JUICE!!!!!! There is no other choice…..

  19. RubeRad says:

    My desert island sauce would probably be El Yucateco XXXtra hot (habanero). It’s got a great flavor, and is hot enough that I probably would never completely acclimatize and get bored.

  20. Well if I could not have my home made hot sauce, (43 pepper sauce), then it would be cholula’s orignal.

  21. KYVAN® Original Hot Sauce for me. Great taste and full of flavor and the heat is not over the top.

  22. I love seeing the variety of choices!
    Keep ’em coming!

  23. Dorothy Whitaker says:

    Texas Pete

  24. Emily Elam says:

    Satan’s Ghost Ghost Pepper Sauce hands down. All the smoked flavor and heat

  25. Emily Elam says:

    Just google satan’s ghost pepper sauce and it will pop right up

  26. Chris DeSpain says:

    I have my go with anything sauce, but that’s not the answer to the question here. If I had to choose for a “stranded on a desert island” hot sauce, then I need to pick something that goes well with fish. My preferred hot sauce for fish is Blair’s Heat Jalapeno Tequila Hot Sauce. Spicy, with the tequila, garlic, vinegar, and lime required to go with the fish I’d catch on that island!

  27. Steve Carter says:

    Mine has to be “fiery Pineapple Spread” by Red Hawk Peppers! Fatalli peppers from So. Africa.

    LI have gone all the way to the Carolina Reaper and have a kitchen cabinet with three shelves of various hot sauces. It is hard to choose some times.

    Sitting inside watching the Blizzard of 2016, I will enjoy heating up later with something from my collection.

  28. Mine would have to be Heartbreaking Dawns Cauterizer

  29. Tom Murphy says:

    Marie Sharp’s Hot Habenero Pepper Sauce for me. Great flavor, nice heat, and it being carrot based gives it a slightly different flavor, which I love. Great on everything.

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