Mystery Review – Caffeine Capsaicin Nirvana

Guest Review for TasteTheFear.com

My friend, Buddah, lead reviewer over at TasteTheFear.com asked me to participate in a “mystery review”.

I was sent an unlabled bottle of sauce, and the *only* thing I knew about it was that it contained coffee.

As part of a team of 3, we all shared our reviews. Buddah put the piece together. It’s interesting to see the different opinions people have about the same sauce, put into one review.

Multi-reviews like that are popular on TasteTheFear, and they do a great job. Check out the article here:

Mystery Multi Review- Caffeine Capsaicin Nirvana

The mystery product turned out to be a new line of coffee based hot sauces from Zane & Zack’s World Famous Honey Company.

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