Mighty Wings at McDonalds

McDonald’s recently launched Mighty Wings just in time for the fall football season. Are they Mighty? Are they good? Read on to see my take on these new McWings…

McDonalds Mighty Wings 3 pack box

Mighty Wings at McDonald’s are Mighty…

These new wings are Mighty crispy, Mighty greasy, yet Mighty good!

McDonalds Mighty Wings side of box

“Gasp at the kick”? I don’t know about gasping, but they are just a tad shy of Mighty spicy.

McDonalds Mighty Wings 3 pack

I have to say the little 3 pack I got was just a tease. I was ready for a couple more right away. Yes, I know it’s McFood, but these big (Mighty) wings were crunchy, spicy and meaty. My 3 pack had 2 drummies and one flat. I’ve seen pics online of 2 flats and 1 drummie. So, I’m assuming the McPloyees have been trained to include at least one of the two versions of wings in the box.

McDonalds Mighty Wings drummie

Next time I will ask for all flats, or all drummies… just to see how they handle that request.

McDonalds Mighty Wings flat

Heat Level: Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars

The spicy flavor of Mighty Wings rivals Popeye’s Wings. However, Popeye’s Wings are the full trifecta – the whole wing – drummie, flat and tip, for about a dollar for the whole wing.

I paid $3.29 for the 3 pack of Mighty Wings (about $1.10 per wing), which would make these babies quite an expensive game day platter!

Still, they had a great crunchy coating, nice spicy flavor, and jumbo meaty parts. I never thought I’d write these words on HotSauceDaily.com – but these McMightyWings are really good.

Word on the street is these are only available for a limited time in 3, 5 and 10 McPiece packs. But there’s nothing on the McWebsite about that, so I’d bet that Mighty Wings are here to stay.

You can visit McDonald’s website to vote for who you think stole Flacco’s wings.

I do hope they plan to offer 25 or 50 piece platters for the playoffs and Superbowl. They’d be crazy not to!

Have you tried Mighty Wings yet? Can you hardly wait – or will you pass? Tell us in the Comments below. #mightywings

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  1. well i guess i will break down and try these..if you guys say they atre good and have a little kick they must

  2. Although I LOVE me some breaded fried chicken, I’m not a fan of breaded wings. I’ll pass on these. Thanks for the review, Brian.

  3. I don’t like McD but they are great! You can request all flats because I did.

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