Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Releases New Purple Label Extra Mild + Contest!

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce launches their newest flavor – Purple Label. A hickory smoked jalapeño sauce loaded with garlic and sweetened with a touch of apples and figs.

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label launches today

Lucky Dog Purple Label – Extra Mild Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce

Dubbed “Purple Label” in keeping with Lucky Dog Hot Sauces’ theme of naming their products after the background colors (and heat levels) of their labels, it joins their Green Label (Mild), Red Label (Medium), Orange Label (Hot) and Black Label (Extra Hot) as their mildest offering yet.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Triple Giveaway!

We’re excited to have this opportunity to bring you an exclusive first review of the newest sauce from Lucky Dog and to host a Triple Thanksgiving Giveaway of 3 bottles of Lucky Dog Hot Sauces to one lucky winner. Read on for the review and for the details of the giveaway.

Extra Mild Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce

Head Lucky Dog, Scott Zalkind, informed me the sauce is actually called Lucky Dog Purple Label. The descriptive “sub-title” is Extra Mild Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce. Whew! Good thing, because that is a mouthful. Let’s see what’s in it…

Ingredients: green jalapeño peppers, distilled white vinegar, onions, organic apple sauce, garlic, carrot juice, water, carrots, hickory smoked sea salt, mission figs, lime juice concentrate.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label - closeup

Lucky Dog Purple Label pepper sauce – a closeup

Texture & Appearance: Olive green in color, this slightly thick sauce has tiny bits of onions and garlic floating in it. The mouth feel or “chew” is pleasant. Very satisfying.

Taste Straight Up: Jalapeños, onions, and garlic are the big three flavors here. The vinegar flavor is muted (most people think that’s a good thing), and the sweetness from the applesauce, carrots and figs brings it home. The lime juice adds just a touch of citrus… hardly noticeable, but one might miss it if it weren’t included. Scott knows what he’s doing here! And finally, the ever so gentle smokiness really makes this sauce unique among jalapeño sauces. Delicious.

Heat Level: Here’s where things get even more interesting. Upon first tasting Lucky Dog Purple Label, the heat level seems pretty high for a jalapeño sauce. The sting is strong and biting. But the more you eat it and take in all the flavors, the more tame it becomes. The smoked jalapeños have a mild heat – and coupled with the natural heat from the garlic and onions (mild as that may be), you’ve got a pretty zesty, spicy green sauce on your hands. Not mild.

Final Thoughts:

We first reviewed Scott Zalkind’s Lucky Dog Hot Sauces back when there were only 3 – the Green, Red, and Orange Labels – Lucky Dog Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce.

Then Scott upped the ante with his new Black Label Extra Hot Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce, to which we gave an overall 4 Star rating as his best yet. And we still think so.

But the newest Dog in the Lucky Dog stable – the Purple Label – is running as a close second in overall flavor and enjoyment. Here are a few of the foods we’ve tried it on.

I fixed a small plate of simple cheese nachos, pouring on some Lucky Dog Purple Label sauce, and after heating it all up, I found the vinegar to be a bit more pronounced. Otherwise, the bright flavor of the smoked jalapeños and onions were still the big players here.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label on cheese nachos

Lucky Dog Purple Label on cheese nachos

We also had some small homemade pork eggrolls to test the sauce on. Not exactly a match made in heaven, but it made for a nice photo, and you can see the sauce in action.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple on egg rolls

Lucky Dog Purple on egg rolls

We’re skipping our usual quickie-frozen-pizza test (a hot sauce reviewers go-to), and dipping some jalapeño poppers into the sauce instead. (Okay, we didn’t really dip them… more like poured the sauce over them).

Lucky Dog Purple on Poppers

Lucky Dog Purple on Poppers – fiery and good!

Our Ratings:

Heat: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars 1.5/5 – A pretty peppy panache of peppery pepper sauce. Seriously, while not the mildest of the milds, (Lucky Dog does tend to lean towards the higher end of the scale), flavor and burn work hand in hand here. This is a mild hot sauce (pepper sauce) to tease your in-laws with. And it’s pretty damn good for the rest of the family too. Nice beginner burn.

Overall: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars 4/5 – Color, texture, and most of all flavor, with a very decent heat level, combine to garner this sauce a 4 Star rating. Versatile.

About Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Turned around from hobby to business in 2012, Scott Zalkind and Lucky Dog Hot Sauce have a mission “to produce the most balanced, flavorful and versatile hot sauces possible…”

I believe in flavor above all else, which is why Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is created with savory fire-roasted hot peppers, sweet carrots, tangy vinegar, fresh onions, assorted dried peppers, and heaps of roasted garlic. It brings a complex taste with respectable heat. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is truly Food’s Best Friend!
~Scott Zalkind

Social Media:

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce on Facebook
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Creator Scott Zalkind on Google+

Where to buy

Lucky Dog Hot Sauces can be found at over 30+ stores in the Greater San Francisco Bay area with more stores coming soon.

You can also order online at

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Triple Thanksgiving Giveaway!

We’re giving away 3 bottles of delicious Lucky Dog Hot Sauce pepper sauces to one lucky winner, just in time for Thanksgiving! One Purple Label, one Green Label, and one Red label. Good luck!

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  1. RisaG says:

    My favorites are turkey leg, creamed onions and pumpkin pie.

  2. Christopher Sorel says:

    stuffing and pecan pie

  3. I can’t wait to try this! This is a high quality company with even higher quality products.

    • It’s pretty special, Ed. I didn’t want to skew the review, but I still favor the Black Label as my fav, followed closely by this new Purple. Can’t wait to try the Pink Label.

  4. Thanks for the great review Brian!

    One slight correction – the jalapenos are not smoked, rather the sea salt is smoked. Unfortunately I could not find a smoked pepper that was light enough in smoke intensity to use in commercial sized batches, so I spent the last year experimenting using smoked sea salts for both Pink Label & Purple Label. I found that by offsetting the plain sea salt with smoked sea salts to varying degrees I could achieve exactly the same flavor profiles as in my smoked prototype small batches.

    The challenge is that at home I only very lightly smoke my peppers. Maybe 10 mins for acrid woods like Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, and 15-20 mins for fruit woods like apple, cherry, etc. I’m not cooking the peppers with the smoke, just infusing a note of smoke to the surface area. Liquid smoke is not my favorite product, and I find it has a strong bitter aftertaste to it. Smoked salts by comparison are 100% naturally created by laying out salt on trays for smoking. It’s a clean, real smoke flavor that worked perfectly for what I was trying to achieve.

    Testament to the flavor of it is that you couldn’t taste the difference. I love that!

    Thanks again, and I really appreciate the timing of the review and your willingness to host a give-a-way!

    Scott Z
    Hot Sauce Guy

  5. Thanks for the kind words Ed!

    Coming from one of my favorite sauce makers that means a lot to me.

  6. Dressing & Gravy!

  7. pumpkin pie

    • Paul – you can have all the pumpkin pie you want. I’ll take the pecan AND the apple pies – a la mode please! Good luck in the contest!

  8. Blake Kaplan says:

    I like the turducken

  9. Bill Moore says:

    Sweet potato casserole

  10. steve chambers says:

    candied ham that my mom has made since i could remember!!!!

  11. Stuffing with gravy!

  12. AL Bowman says:

    GRAVY! Put that on anything…turkey, stuffing, a shoe…anything.

  13. Definitely looking forward to the stuffing and cranberry sauce! The savory & sweet combo always gets me! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  14. Sweet potatoes ,marshmellows,brown sugar and walnuts! Yummy

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