Lilas Lemoyne Street Hot Sauce Mango Habanero Review

Lila’s Lemoyne Street Hot Sauce – Mango Habanero, is the creation of Christian Schulze and friends from Echo Park, California. They came up with this sauce to help fill the void left by a favorite sauce of theirs that a friend brought home from a “tour”, but apparently is not available to them. Not happy to just copy the formula, they’ve come up with a newer and more unique sauce that is thicker and more flavorful.

Lila's Lemoyne Street Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Named after their Pit Bull/Boxer mix, “Lila”, this sweet mango and spicy habanero sauce is a beautiful sauce to look at. While currently their only sauce, perhaps they might take their hot sauce hobby to the next level and create yet another one.


mangos, habanero peppers, onions, lime juice, white vinegar, water, cilantro, molasses, garlic and spices

Texture & Appearance:

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Thick and very chunky, this sauce looks to me to be a bright green, but my color-blindness hinders me so my son Devin confirmed it is indeed a yellowish color. Great texture and pour from this bottle.

Nice texture and color!

Taste Straight Up:

Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars – The sweetness from the mangos is short-lived. Next up is the onion and garlic, not normally a bad thing, but they don’t seem to pair well in this case. The heat from the habaneros comes next followed by more mango in the background. I wish the mango was more pronounced here. I can only give it 2.5 stars because the hot garlic and onion overpower the whole profile. There is a front of the tongue “sting” if you like that sort of heat.

Heat Level:

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – This sauce burns quick, fast, yet does not linger. It’s quite spicy with a strong front of the tongue burn.


Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – The clear stick-on label is very hard to read. There’s an image of “Lila” the dog humping a habanero pepper. I don’t get the connection, but I guess it is kind of funny.

Front label
Back label

Overall Rating (Taste on Food, Final Thoughts):

Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars – I poured this sauce on a spoon for the straight up test, on some pita bread points for balance, and finally on tacos… one sure-fire test for hot sauce, in my opinion. On the tacos, it tasted sharp, biting, and quite hot for just a few seconds. Next up was a slice of pizza – surely most *anything* is good on pizza! Again, Lila’s did not bring me happiness. I can’t get past the garlic/onion combo in this recipe. The natural heat from the garlic and onions clashed with the sweetness of the mangos, and as beautiful as this sauce is, I can’t give it more than 2.5 stars overall.

Lila's Lemoyne Street Mango Habanero on Tacos


While I am very picky about my habanero based sauces, and I admit that usually habanero has been my least favorite hot sauce profile, I *am* coming around; what with all the new variations and gourmet treatment that habanero is getting – lightyears beyond the usual habanero, orange juice, vinegar mix that created the category. Having said that, you may love this type of sauce. Check it out at and consider ordering a bottle or two.

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

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  1. As a footnote, I *really* wanted to like this sauce more. But like the review we did for Dragonfire HotSauce and their Pineapple Habanero, I don’t care for the natural heat of the garlic and onions when paired with these fruits (mango or pineapple).

  2. I haven’t seen a whole lot of sauces with a habanero, orange juice & vinegar mix. It’s good to see whole sauce makers do so many other things with habs. I think habanero is one of the most versatile peppers out there.

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