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Jerk Lokia Ghost Chile Jamaican Jerk Sauce Wings

Week of Wings III – Day 5 – Jerk Lokia Wings

From Chad Lowcock’s Race City Sauce Works comes this Ghost Chile Jamaican Jerk Sauce that is full of flavor and lots of heat. We marinated our wings in 1/4 cup of the sauce the night before, then grilled them and sauced them right on the grill. The result was a spectacular flavor in a jerk wing, with a big ghost pepper bite. A bit more searing heat than I’m used to in a jerk sauce, and quite a bit more than Marilyn prefers. But, the heat is short lived and the flavor is so big that it’s all worth it.

Jerk Lokia Bottle
Jerk Lokia Bottle 8 oz

Jerk Lokia Sauce from Race City Sauce Works
Jerk Lokia Sauce from Race City Sauce Works

That pic of the sauce itself is not as good at the next, but just check out the ingredients… sugar cane juice, kuchela (I’ve not heard of this and will have to do some research), rum, pineapple, coconut… WOW! What a great burst of flavor these all bring to the mix.

Ingredients: scallions, bhut jolokia peppers, black pepper, ginger, lime juice, spices, garlic, sugar cane juice, kuchela (mango, vinegar, vegetable oil, mustard seed oil, spices, salt, chile peppers), thyme, 7 pot peppers, dark chocolate, dark rum, salt, crushed pineapple, coconut flake, herbs

Jerk Lokia sample
Super chunky and full of flavor and authentic ingredients

Texture & Appearance: Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – Very chunky and thick, with a rich texture – great “cling” factor too. Minus 1 star for a lack of visible woody herb pieces as seen in other jerk sauces. I could eat this out of a spoon.

Taste: Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars – Incredible authentic jerk flavor – spices, fruits, heat… just superb! Minus 1/2 star for too much heat. But the heat does come on quickly and goes away quickly, so that’s a big plus. You get smacked in the mouth with it, and it goes away fast enough to enjoy the flavors of this complex sauce.

Heat Level: Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars – Too much heat?? Yup. Just a tad. About a 1/2 star of too much heat. Jerk should be spicy and hot, but this sauce is near the top of the heat scale. Ok, I know we’re talking about a bhut jolokia jerk sauce, but if Chad and his Race City Sauce Works would create a jerk sauce based on this one, *without* the bhut, I would just be in jerk sauce heaven. (Chad, you getting this?)

Jerk Lokia Label
Jerk Lokia Label

Label/Graphics: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – I’m happy to see Race City move away from the glossy, racetrack labels that they began with, and more into a darker, artistic vein. Regardless of the labels, the sauces speak for themselves. Fantastic! As a matter of fact, Scott Roberts named Race City Sauce Works Manufacturer of the Year for 2011 – high praise indeed!

Jerk Lokia Grilled Wings
Jerk Lokia Grilled Wings

Overall Rating: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Our highest rating! Just a fantastic, delicious jerk sauce all around. Thankfully the really big hit of heat fades quickly, and the overall authentic flavor lingers. This is one of the best jerk sauces we’ve ever tried. Jerk fans, get yourself a few bottles of this… it’s over the top good!

You can order Jerk Lokia and other Race City Sauce Works products here.

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  1. As with most of Chad’s sauce, this is a awesome jerk sauce. The flavor along with the heat(not too much for me…;p) makes an a wonderful jerk chicken.

    Great review, Brian!

    1. Thanks Ryan, I think Race City Sauce Works has matured, and I’m liking the new labels and artwork.

      1. Definitely. RCSW has totally changed for the better, it seems. Chad has totally changed the look of the sauces and with the new additions to his line, it seems like there is nothing but good things for the company’s future.

  2. I am doing a project in school and need to describe the aroma, and flavour profile of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Since you seem like a veteran jerk sauce taster, you would be able to perfectly describe what the flavours are! So if you can help it would be extremely appreciated!

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