HSW 055 – Peppers at the Beach Live Interviews

Interviews from Peppers at the Beach 2012:

Peppers at the Beach 2012 Interviews









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    Wow, that hour flew by! We can’t tell you how great it was to see you both. Isn’t it wild, we’re around each other for a couple of days, and it feels like I just saw you “yesterday”. Much love – FT & AB
    We still haven’t had crabs together yet…crabs and an O’s game, on our bucket list.

    • It really was great seeing you and AB again. We hope someday you find yourselves back on the East Coast again.

  2. Thanks Brian and Marilyn for interviewing us at Peppers on the Beach! It was great to finally meet you both and hope to see you real soon!

    Amy & Ed

  3. Hi Brian and Marilyn…

    I have been traveling g like crazy since we met on the beach at Peppers. I am in Saint Louis right now and have just secured distribution here!

    I really appreciate the interview, your kind comments about my mix and your friendship! I hope to see you next year at the same event!

    Thanks Again!


  4. Firehead, seeing you two was the highlight of my weekend! Beers and O’s… oh yeah!! As my family would say, ” ‘Boh’s, O’s, and (hot sauce) Bro’s!”

  5. .. and crabs 🙂

  6. Ed & Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! Glad you made it to the event, and we hope to see ya both soon!

  7. Hey Marilyn & Brian,
    We really enjoyed all the fun and meeting everyone at Peppers in Rehobeth Beach. Thanks for the great interview and all your hard work guys!!!

    Dan & Steph Lowenstein

    • You guys are rocking already. Come on the show with us to talk about all things Red Hawk and hot.

  8. Brian & Marilyn – it was great to finally meet face-to-face! From all the podcasts and social media I feel like I’ve known you both for a while, so being able to interact and hang out with you both in real life was a highlight of the show. Thanks for your contributions to the hot sauce community.