HSW 049 Nolan Bebber of Nolan’s Hot Sauce

Our featured interview is with Nolan Bebber of Nolan’s Hot Sauce out of North Carolina. Nolan is only 13, and the young entrepreneur is already selling sauce all over the country.

Nolan Bebber of Nolan's Hot Sauce

Nolan reminded us of another hot sauce creator we all know… Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawn’s fame. If Johnny was 13 again. 🙂

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Scott Roberts joins us for an informal chat, as well as reviewing Iguana Mean Green Jalapeño Pepper Sauce from Half Moon Bay Trading

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    Gotta love that kid’s accent. Best of luck, Nolan.

  2. My first listening of hotsauceweekly.com podcast. Excellent and a high five to Nolan and your wonderful format and voices. Scott Roberts, too. Thanks for all you do for the warm and welcoming Chile Head Community!

    Rock on Nolan!

    Beth in Texas