HSW 048 – Johnny McLaughlin talks about his appearance on Food Network’s Chopped

Johnny McLaughlin of HeartbreakingDawns.com joins us to talk about his appearance on the Food Network’s Chopped. More importantly, he shares some news of what’s to come soon from his Heartbreaking Dawns kitchen.

Listen through the whole interview to hear the EXCLUSIVE announcement from Johnny about HeartbreakingDawns.com next big venture!

The episode of Chopped featuring Johnny McLaughlin will air again on Thursday January 12th at 9pm ET/PT.

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    Johnny & Nicole, I believe (from my notes) your episode was filmed about May 25th, 2011. Thanks for the shout out. Too bad you couldn’t have made the sardine ice cream! Good luck with the new products, enjoy your vacay!

  2. Ken Fink [der finkmeister] says

    I check your personal F/B everyday & stop in here a couple times a week. I make a little seasoning I call “Finks Fairy Dust” for friends. I review your site to get my personal stuff: Not really Hot but great flavor” If too hot, I have a Grandson that loves everything hot, he get’s ,my mistakes & he is a fan of your also. You are a fun guy, one that is in the know & keeps my kind of guy up to date.
    Der Finkmeister