HSW 045 – BBQ Sauce Roundtable

It’s all about the Barbecue Sauce in this episode. We’ve assembled a roundtable discussion with some of the biggest names in BBQ sauce reviews to talk about styles, flavors, ingredients and favorites in the world of BBQ sauce.

We begin with a general discussion of regional styles of sauces, what our guest like and don’t like in a BBQ sauce. Then we move onto specific ingredients, how they conduct their reviews, and finally, what are some of their favorite BBQ sauces.

You’ll want to write down the recommendations – a veritable gold mine of great BBQ sauces – as suggested by these seasoned BBQ sauce reviewers. Here’s the list of our guests and some of the many sauces they mention on the show:

Cyndi Allison of http://barbequemaster.blogspot.com/ and http://yesyoucangrill.com/
cyndi allison

Chef Matt’s FireFighter’s Barbecue Sauce http://www.chefmatts.com/

Ralph’s Bar-B-Q & Dipping Sauce http://www.ralphsbbqsauce.com/

Ted Reader’s Pineapple Rum Sauce http://www.tedreader.com/products.php

Larry Gaian of http://thebbqgrail.com/
larry gaian

Nephew’s BBQ Sauce http://www.nephewsbbq.com/

Simply Marvelous Original Sauce http://www.simplymarvelousbbq.com/sauces

Blue’s Hog http://www.blueshog.com/website/main.html

The Ginger People http://www.gingerpeople.com/ginger-cooking-sauces.html

Sweet Baby Ray’s http://www.sweetbabyrays.com/

Brian Henderson of http://www.bbqsaucereviews.com/
brian henderson

Outta The Park http://www.outtatheparksauce.com/

Mad Dog http://ashleyfoodcompany.com/

Grumpy’s http://www.grumpysbbq.com/

The Country Chef Grilling Sauce On Facebook: http://hsd.to/pLSFDW

Smokin’ Willies http://smokinwillies.com/

Easy Peasy BBQ Insurance http://www.easypeasyfoods.com/

Big Wayne Brown of http://bigwaynerbbq.wordpress.com
big wayne brown

Butcher Barbecue Sweet BBQ Sauce http://www.butcherbbq.com/

Country Chef Chipotle  On Facebook: http://hsd.to/pLSFDW

Draper’s BBQ & Rub http://drapersbbq.com/

We had a blast recording this roundtable and we really hope you enjoyed listening to it!

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  1. Really great interviews. Very insightful. Hey, I learned something new today, and it had to do with BBQ! Can’t beat that!!

  2. Great interviews! It’s good to hear how people do their reviews.

  3. Hey. That was a fun time. Appreciate all your work putting this together. Happy saucing. Cyndi

  4. Had a great time on there! Thanks again!
    Sauce on!

  5. Liquid Smoke = Breast Implants! Cyndi! Indeed the quote of the show!

  6. Would love to be a part of the next one you guys do. I want to thank you all for the support you give to the industry.

    • Awesome Paul. And thanks for the nice comment. Appreciate it.

      We don’t have to wait for a roundtable to get you on the show. Drop me an email “brian AT hot sauce Daily DOT com”

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