HSW 038 Listener Patrick and Croix Valley Steak Sauce

We really wanted to get this podcast out and will update the show notes soon.

croix valley steak sauce podcast review

As a side note, we had to record this episode twice. The first recording came out at 1/2 speed. Not pretty. Ha!

Scott Roberts reviews Race City Sauce Works Zen Sake and Kumquat Dipping Sauce.

Marilyn reviews Croix Valley Steak Sauce.

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  1. Great podcast, you two!

    All I can say is that Patrick needs to lay down the Tabasco brand and get him a bottle of 1498. I think heat tolerance goes down if you don’t consume spicy foods for awhile. But, why would you want to?

    If I had any suggestion to give to him, I would advise him to stay away from extract sauces. They tend to be all heat, no treat. But, it sounds like with your advice, he might be on the right path

    • Hey Ryan, Patrick and I agreed that extract based sauces are the bane of the extra hots.
      Thanks for your input, and I hope Patrick will join us in the Chilehead world as a great contributor.

      Thank you for listening! ~brian and marilyn

    • Hi Ryan, I’m with you! I think he just needs to keep on going with the spicy side of life. There’s nothing but good to come of it!


    Shout out to my chili brother Steve “The Machine” Smallwood! Patrick, you need to join our little fraternity here. I would agree with Ryan, you need to check out the Heartbreaking Dawn’s line (start with the trilogy of superhots). From there, me and the other chileheads can give you some direction on where to go from there….abandon that Tabasco, Franks and Texas Pete predestrian stuff, there’s a whole new world waiting for you!