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  1. Rick and Maria are a great couple with some nice tasting products. I wish them some great success! I have a nice bottle one of their sauces right here in my fridge.

    1. Hey Johnny, I agree. Great flavors in their Mild sauce and plenty of heat. I hope to get a review posted on HSD soon.

      Thanks for listening! ~brian

  2. Rick and Maria are fantastic people.I got to meet them at North Market show.I had a blast with them.they do have some tasty products.Everyone should definitely check them out and try their stuff !

    1. I’m happy they are nearby so we’ll have a chance to see them often. Hopefully at Peppers at the Beach.

      Thanks for listening Steve!

  3. Thanks for everything guys, it was great meeting everyone and being apart of this great podcast. can’t wait to see you all again at peppers next month..

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