HSW 032 LocoLitos

We talk a bit about names, both ours and websites, then we interview Vida Virgillito of LocoLitos.com and her awesome hand-crafted sauces. Finally we announce an upcoming Hot Wings Roundtable discussion in January 2011


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  1. This was an awesomely entertaining interview! Brian and Marilyn Meagher were fabulous and hearing Vida share her story was inspiring to say the least. Vida’s fun natured personality and passion for her business is displayed in the love and care poured into every bottle and jar of every variety of product she hand crafts. I love that her art form has taken flight and manifest into a product that you not only taste, but actually experience! Amongst my personal faves is the Green Tomato Cucumber Relish. You’ve gotta try it! It took me a while too because I had so many wonderful varieties to sample but once I did, I didn’t want to run out! You’ll soon taste and see for yourselves! May I suggest you pull it on out and serve it chilled for the Holidays! I also love the “Habenareo Hot~ Cha~ Cha and Vida Fuego ” hot sauces and can’t wait to try Slocomb Tomato Mayhem and Pearly Hot. I just placed another order for more along with some pickles and a hot sauce Gift set to give to family!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Vida’s enthusiasm has inspired me to get some her sauces. I can’t wait to try them! Thanks Brian and Marilyn for always finding interesting Hot Sauce people.

    Looking fwd to the Wings Roundtable.

    (And the Sean Lennon at the end was excellent. I’ve never heard that song!)

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