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    1. Hey, well thank you Francois! I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast.
      Isn’t it great being the first to chime in?

  1. Hi Brian and Marilyn,

    I just finished listening to your episode 31. I appreciate your salsa warning. I love – and make – salsa myself and it’s always good to be warned about duds on the shelf. There’s so much great salsa to choose from out there and your comments help narrow the selection.

    I’m anxious to try Kenrick Goldson’s winner and have my first Jamaican style hot sauce. I am thinking about including this, and other featured sauces which you present, in Jim’s BROF; updating on a regular basis – of course after contacting the makers myself. Would you be okay with this?

    By the way, as some podcast feedback. My wife Kathleen says you both have “terrific” radio voices and she really thinks the podcast is a gem. One criticism she has was that you use the word “awesome” too much 🙂 … (of course i’m guilty of this as well)

    My feedback: Podcast is Awesome!

    Take care…

    1. Hey thank you Paul and Kathleen! That’s awesome! Oops.

      I would be happy to help with any new sauce updates to Jim’s BROF just let me know.


  2. I used my bottle of MoreFire sauce very quickly. Not because the bottle is small, but because I used the sauce generously and often! One of my favorite uses is as a marinade for chicken breast tenders. The flavor soaks in nicely and makes a very quick and easy job of preparing jerk chicken.

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