HSW 030 The 2011 Scovie Awards and Vic Clinco Interview

In Episode 30 of the HotSauceWeekly Podcast:

We pack a lot of info in this episode, so hang on, listen and enjoy!

The 2011 Scovie Awards

We begin by congratulating our friends that recently won 2011 Scovie Awards. See our extended post about the Scovies on HotSauceDaily

Captain Thom and First Mate Nancy of CaptainThoms.com

Brian and Annette Moore of RisingSunPepperFarm.com

John Lunn of SuckCreekWings.com

Chad Lowcock of RaceCitySauceWorks.com

John and Christina Rizzotti of RippinRed.com

Mike Lampros of GunthersGourmet.com

Jeff Stevenson of CrazyUncleJester.com

Scott Shugars of ScottsPigRoast.com

Marilyn reviews Texas Firecrackers

A uniquely spiced cracker… Texas Firecrackers are available at TexasFood.com

Interview with hot sauce collector Vic Clinco

Part of Vic's Collection - Click to enlarge

You can visit the whole setup at PhotoSynth.net or check out this cool visual panorama:

New iPhone iPod iPad App

We close this episode talking about this great new app, now in iTunes for hot sauce lovers.

Jim’s Burning Ring of Fire is an app for Chileheads and hot sauce fans. Track, rate, review all your favorite sauces. See our post on HotSauceDaily.com for all the details. Or better yet, just go get it on iTunes now.


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  1. Nice job. A s a fellow collector, about a thousand bottles shy of Vic, I can relate to the amount of glass he is dealing with!! That was a fun one:)

    1. Hey Tom, I didn’t know you collected. I’d love to see it some day. Next time we head to your area…


      1. Yep, unfortunately we are nomads, so I don’t have them dispayed nicely like Vic does. Someday I will have the “man cave” to set them up. About 3/4’s of my stuff is in boxes in Louisiana, and the rest of it is here in Virginia in my basement. Buddah has seen my chaos:)

  2. Brian

    Does Vic have a list of all the sauces? I would love to see that list and add more to the app.


    Jim from Jim’s Burning Ring of Fire Hot Sauce App.

  3. Hi Brian and Marilyn…

    As a tribute to the new CDMA iPhone coming out for Verizon in early Feb, we’ve decided to lower the price of Jim’s Burning Ring of Fire to 99ยข.

    Sorry that I’ve been “out of the loop” for a while. I’ve been getting up the speed on Android over the past couple months; for another project. But we’ll have a version of JBROF sometime this spring, hopefully!

    Paul from JBROF!

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