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Chris Grove and his delicious looking blog NibbleMeThis.com joins us for a fun interview.

We discuss cookbooks, hot sauces, bbq sauces and recipes.

Big Bob Gibson’s Championship Red Sauce

Marilyn and I talk about cooking ribs with Big Bob Gibson’s Championship Red Sauce – and as usual, our BEST ribs always start in the oven before we finish them on the grill.
Our review of this awesome sauce is here on HotSauceDaily.com.

Scott Roberts’ Review:

Scott reviews a spicy snack food for us in this episode – Heartbreaking Dawn’s Bhut Jolokia Blondies – a cookie style bar that will light you up! Be sure and use the coupon code “hotsaucedaily” to save 10% off ANYTHING you order from HeartbreakingDawns.com (excluding collectibles). Thank you Scott, and be sure and visit ScottRobertsWeb.com for the latest and best in Hot Sauce, Salsas, and other reviews. And don’t miss Scott’s new Weekly Firecast Video Series while you are there.

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    Nice job guys!
    I must say, I am not a fan of the Big Bob Gibson White Sauce. To me, it tastes like Italian dressing. I bought a few bottles after I saw them featured on TV, and both Annabelle and I were disappointed. What’s all the hub-bub, bub?:)

  2. Another Great episode guys, and thank you scott for the review, I just put the Blondies up as their own item so go ahead and order them up, we are doing the fresh batch this week!!!


  3. Great episode! I’m going to have to make those ribs.