HSW 028 Heartbreaking Dawns Grilling Sauces

In our first repeat interview, we bring back Heartbreaking Dawns Johnny Mclaughlin and his partner Nicole Ramsperger to discuss their newest sauces – North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce and Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce. Launched at this year’s Chile Pepper Festival in Bowers, PA, these sauces are already gaining a lot of attention.

Be sure and read our companion review of these great sauces here: HotSauceDaily.com reviews North Star and Meridian grilling sauces from HeartbreakingDawns.com

Also, check out Johnny and Nicole’s YouTube page here: YouTube.com/spicysauces

Remember, to save 10% off, use Coupon Code: hotsauceweekly when ordering from HeartbreakingDawns.com (thru 10/31/2010)

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Scott Roberts Review

This episode, Scott Roberts of ScottRobertsWeb.com brings us a review of Zane and Zacks Three Brothers Hot Pepper Sauce

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  1. Terrific interview. Johnny and Nicole are couple of the nicest people around, and I truly think they’re going to be superstars in the fiery foods world.


    Nice job. Of course, I am partial to HBD’s “Thomas Gately’s Ball Kickin’ Trinidad Scorpion Grilling Sauce”…..:)

    • Thom, is that the wing sauce or something else? And is that going to be the permanent name?

      • FIREHEAD THOMAS says

        I hope it is made permanent, but let’s hope the name changes! I tried it on grilled chicken thighs last night and LOVED it!! I did a video, trying to get it uploaded today.

      • Johnny says

        Hey scott, The TGBK is essentially a wing sauce, but i didn’t call it that because I use wing sauce all the time and it’s almost never on wings. If we do ever put this one out or something similar, it will be a grilling sauce (that happens to be great on wings.) I’m sure thomas will address most info about this one in the video so I’ll wait until that goes up.


    Just sent the video to Buddah….

    • johnny says

      Sweet, I can’t wait to see it, and I’m happy you enjoyed it, the link you sent me was acting up so i’ll wait for Buddah to get it rolling.

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