HSW 027 Jake Alberts

Our Featured interview is with Jay Calvert of JakeAlberts.com Also, be sure to check out our companion review of the JakeAlberts sauces
here on HotSauceDaily.

Also, Brian and Marilyn talk about grilling Brats with Unique Destiny Caribbean Mustard Sauce from dragonsbloodelixir.com

Scott Roberts reviews Black Mamba Chilli Venom from blackmambachilli.com

We talk about the upcoming Bowers, PA 15th Annual Chile Pepper Festival – pepperfestival.com

And there is a big announcement coming soon about new BBQ sauces from a top hot sauce company

Thanks for listening! Enjoy.

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  1. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the “shout out”, but unfortunately Annabelle and I will not be at Bowers, PA – we will be at Niagara Falls that weekend for my birthday. I am sure it will be a great time, and I’m sorry that we have to miss it. Another fantastic podcast!! I was also glad to meet up with Jay Calvert at WoF, and I need to get on his site and order some stuff….since Scott Robert’s great review of the Fuego Azul, I have been meaning to get some….we’ve had the Fuego Rojo on grilled salmon and it was very good indeed:)

    1. Hey Thom,
      We are so disappointed. Just a thought… “everyone’s born, get over it!”
      Will miss seeing you both, but, whatever!… go have fun. 🙂

      1. Believe me, had I known about Bowers when I planned the Niagara Falls trip, I would have scheduled around it. Buddah says it’s a really great fesitval!

  2. Wow! Thanks a lot Scott, much appreciated! Brian and Marilyn, I had such a great time doing the interview. Loved to listen to it too, came out really good.

    It was really funny though, when I started talking about the seasonings, you can hear my lips smacking. My wife always laughs about that when ever I start talking about food, I start salivating


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