HSW 026 Captain Thoms

This week we talk with Captain Thom Edwards and First Mate Nancy of Captain Thom’s Chili Spice Company – CaptainThoms.com – We talk with them about their ground-breaking Slappin’ Fat Bacon Ketchup, the history behind Captain Thom’s, and their long association with the Maryland Renaissance Festival as the Festival’s Official Herbalist / Hot Sauce company.

Scott Roberts reviews Unique Destiny Jolokia Sauce from – dragonsbloodelixir.com

Brian & Marilyn speak briefly about the Weekend of Fire Bloggers Roundtable and the sauces we took home –

We say “hi” to some new listeners we met at the Weekend of Fire.

And there’s some Steak & Shake love.


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  1. Another great show guys! Unique Destiny Jolokia is one of my favorite sauces, try that on pulled pork! Great interview with the Captain, it prompted Annabelle to have me order more Bacon Ketchup, which by the way, she gives 10 thumbs up!

    1. Thanks FHT! 10 thumbs up, eh? I would say Annabelle is probably very talented in many ways! Ha.

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