HSW 024 Fire Ant Juice

In this episode, Scott Roberts reviews Headhunter’s Paradise from WickedCactusSauce.com and Brian talks with Chef Wayne from FireAntJuice.com.

Get a free bottle of hot sauce from FireAntJuice.com with any order. Until the end of July 2010, simply enter “Hot Sauce Weekly” or “Hot Sauce Daily” in the comments box to get your free bottle of hot sauce.

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    I love it! Great job Brian, I really enjoy listening to the show. I have both of these sauces in my stash of “sauces to taste”, down in my basement, and yours and Scott’s reviews will prompt me to move them up in the rotation:)
    Brian, I would love to participate in the bloggers round table…

    Can’t wait for Episode #25!!

    • Hey Tom,

      I’m glad you are digging the podcast – thanks for listening.

      Glad you have some Fire Ant Juice on hand. I think you’ll really like them.

      I just received my order today, from FireAntJuice.com – I picked up the Fire Ant Bite (jalapeno), Piney Pete’s Jersey Heat, and the Hobo Howey’s Chipotle Garlic Sauce. Yum!

      You’re in on the roundtable too.