HSW 021 Interviews From Peppers at the Beach

We interview 9 hot sauce vendors at the 1st Annual Peppers at the Beach event. In our longest podcast yet, these mini-interviews run from 2 to 6 minutes each.

A big thanks to all the great Chileheads we met and the awesome hot sauce makers that are truly what makes the fiery foods industry so much fun!

While you are listening, be sure and check out all the great photos on HotSauceDaily.com of Peppers At The Beach!

Here’s what’s in this episode:

First, Marilyn and I talk about all the fun we had, and the people we met. Following that, with times listed into the podcast are:

14:22 – Scott Roberts reviews Golden Toad Habanero Pepper Sauce.

The Interviews:
17:53 – John and Maggie Dilley – DefconSauces.com
19:30 – Brian and Annette Moore – RisingSunPepperFarm.com
21:45 – Willard Ashburn – AshburnSauce.com
25:33 – Tom and Diane Slosser – TomsRoidRippinHotSauce.com
28:23 – Johnny McLaughlin – HeartBreakingDawns.com
31:24 – Chad Lowcock – RaceCitySauceWorks.com
37:23 – Steve Zielinski – CrazyStevesPickles.com
42:48 – Nick Ney – CajunIsland.com
50:52 – Chip Hearn – Peppers.com

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  1. Firehead Thomas says

    Thanks for the shout out! One of the great things about the chilehead community is the respect and support the vendors, bloggers, and reviewers give to each other….it’s such a genuinely good group of people…

  2. Absolutely FT! I am still amazed at the genuinely friendly atmosphere of the chilehead community as a whole, from manufacturers to customers. I think it reflects a true passion for the thing we all love, the chile.

  3. Yeah, I really wish I could have made this event, but it was too far to drive from my humble little abode way up in the Arctic Circle…LOL!

    Seriously, Thom nailed it on the head with his assessment. I’m very blessed and fortunate that my little chilehead hobby allows me to interact and be part of such a cool group of people. This fiery foods community truly is a family and I hope it never changes.

  4. I was able to listen to the cast last night, very cool. I was happy to see that everyone had a good time. Looking forward to doing it again next year. I have a feeling we’ll be getting a good number more vendors next year, as many of them may have been sitting on the fence to see if the 1st annual was successful or not.