HSW 019 Pork in the Park 2010

Here’s our audio wrap-up of Pork in the Park 2010

13 Mini interviews with some of the Teams from Pork in the Park

They run from 1 – 3 minutes each.

We had a great time talking and meeting with some of these teams. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did recording them.

3EYZBBQ Team: 3ezybbq.com – Danny McGrath and Dan Hixon – Twitter.com/3eyzbbq

IQUE BBQ: iquebarbecue.com – John Delpha – Chef & Co-owner of Belted Cow Bistro in Essex Junction, Vermont

Smokis Porkis: facebook.com/smokisporkis – Jeff Burkett and Cam Middleton – Their PITP Pics on Facebook

Hoos Smokin: Brian and Kelly Dodd

Backyard Louie’s: Lou and Jeannie Diamico, Ann, Chris and Cousin Tony!

Who Are Those Guys: George Hensler and Bob Zengal – WATG Site and George’s Blog – TheNewGuys.blogspot.com and check out George’s book, “Startin’ the Fire” on StartinTheFire.com

PorkBarrelBBQ: Brett Thompson, Heath Hall, and Rex Holmes – PorkBarrelBBQ.com, SavoryReviews, SavorySights.com, PorkBarrelBBQ on Facebook, on Twitter.com/PorkBarrelBBQ and Twitter.com/PorkBarrelRest

HucksHutBBQ Team: HuckJR and HuckSR – HucksHut.comInTheHut.com Podcast – HucksHut on FacebookTwitter.com/HuckJR

Todd Cochran – ToddsDirt.com – This was our “dirtiest” interview. Thanks Todd! Check out our review of Todd’s Bayou Dirt on HotSauceDaily.com

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  1. Great show, guys!

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