HSW 015 Blair Lazar of Death Sauce Fame

This week we bring you a chat with Blair Lazar of Death Sauce fame.

We’ve been offline for awhile, but we’re back with a great chat with Blair Lazar of Blair’s Death Sauce fame.
Blair is an awesome guy, and shares with us his enthusiasm for the fiery foods and chilehead communities. He’s also an avid backyard griller.

Scott Roberts reviews Old Bricktucky Cayenne Hot Sauce from Benitoshotsauce.com.

We’re hoping to bring you some “Man on the Street” style reports from the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, and we also remind you of the upcoming Peppers at the Beach event in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on May 15th & 16th, 2010.

Please note: HotSauceWeekly is going bi-weekly.

Beginning with this episode, we will be releasing a new show every other week. In order to keep doing a quality podcast, and to stay on a schedule (of sorts), I need the extra time in between.
I’m shooting for Wednesday releases, so the next episode will post (about) Wed March 17th. We’ve also renamed the files with the “HSW” prefix for continuity.

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  1. Hi Brian, I’m having trouble downloading or even playing from this page. Can you double check it. I’m looking forward to hear the Blair interview. Thanks!

    1. The playing and downloading issue has been fixed.
      A big thanks to you Dave for pointing this out!


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