HSM 000 – Introducing the Hot Sauce Minute

We are introducing the Hot Sauce Minute! A new feature of our HotSauceWeekly podcast that will be a quick and dirty audio file of hot sauce reviews, bbq news, or new “hot” websites found – anything and everything goes!

As a way to get some new content out to you the listener, we hope this new feature will be useful to both of us. You will get our Hot Sauce Minutes delivered to you in your regular HotSauceWeekly feed in iTunes, Zune, and anywhere you subscribe to HotSauceWeekly.

I’ve numbered this little intro as HSM-000, but stay listening for the first official Hot Sauce Minute 001 soon.


~brian and marilyn

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  1. At first I thought HSM was HotSauceMonthly 🙂

    Keep making podcasts, I love listening to them.

  2. Thank you so much! It’s always great to hear from the folks that listen to our podcast. We hope you’ll continue to tune in and give us your feedback – that’s what keeps us going!

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