HotSauceMinute HSM 011 – Scott Roberts – Hypnosis and Hot Sauce

Scott Roberts fills in for me in this HotSauceMinute. He has an entertaining and interesting true story of hipnosis and the pain of super hot sauces.

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    Nice job, Scott. I’m glad you brought that story up again. I remember that, and it was definitely interesting stuff. I wouldn’t mind trying this, as I too am a skeptic.

    • Yes, thanks, Scott. It is interesting. My only experience with hypnosis is with a “stop smoking” situation, and at the time it worked. It just didn’t stick.

  2. Thanks guys. I’m surprised Buddah hasn’t brought this topic up again. Thom, maybe if you go to Peppers at the Beach, we can hypnotize you then.

    • I’d like to see more done with this concept too.

      Also, I can’t seem to get Buddah to stop by and comment on here. Last time he drove by here was April of 2010!

  3. Very interesting. I wouldn’t think it would work since your body reacts to the chemical reaction.