Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 053 – Big Fat’s Hot Sauce

Question: What does 1o8, 2o8, 3o8, 4o8, 5o8, and 8o8 have in common? Answer: They’re all hot sauces from our guest interview this week, Big Fat’s Hot Sauce.

Jeremy and Kat Walsh join us to talk about Big Fat’s Hot Sauce, and reveal some tidbits about their newest creation, the 6o8 and drop some hints about what 7o8 might become. Listen in for all the details!

Marilyn and I also talk about the awesome-ness that is Moo’d Enhancer Rub from Draper’s BBQ. Created solely for beef, this rub is a game changer! Speaking of BBQ…

We look forward to the biggest KCBS sanctioned event east of the Mississippi – Pork in the Park, in Salisbury, Maryland. Happening April 20 – 22, 2012… visit for all the info.

And stay tuned to the HotSauceWeekly Podcast AND as we will be bringing you pictures and interviews from some old friends (2010), and last year’s 2011 PITP, as well as new ones!

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