Hot Sauce Weekly Podcast 051 – Flavors of Florida Hot Sauces

Pete and Joyce Mallas started their Westwood Deli and Catering in 2004, and shortly thereafter, this Tampa, Florida couple launched their Flavors of Florida line of hot sauces.

First up, Brian and Marilyn recap their appearance on Gettin’ Sauced with Draper’s BBQ on BBQSuperstars at the BlogTalkRadio website.
You can listen to their shows and subscribe to BBQSuperstars here.

Brian talks about the great info, sharing, and fun that is Google+.
Find Brian on Google+

Marilyn talks about how much she liked the homemade jerk sauce Brian cooked up recently for some jerk wings.
Brian’s pictures and the recipe he used for jerk from Google+

Next is our featured interview with Flavors of Florida creators Pete and Joyce Mallas.

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Scott Roberts brings us his hot sauce review of CaJohn’s Angry Cock Hot Sauce – a Ghost Chile based hot sauce. From CaJohn’s site:

What makes CaJohns Angry Cock hot sauce so ANGRY? First we start off with 80% fresh “Ghost Chile” puree, then we add a combination of select spices and a splash of vinegar which makes Angry Cock the most formidable of CaJohns extract free sauces yet! This hot sauce is not for the novice, and truthfully, not for your average Chilehead. Think you can take the heat, or are you chicken?

Finally, Brian and Marilyn talk about two events coming up that they are very excited about – Pork in the Park, a KCBS sanctioned event (the largest east of the Mississippi) and Peppers at the Beach 2012 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at the world famous store.

Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

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  1. We love it when we get to talk to husband and wife teams in the fiery-foods biz. Pete and Joyce didn’t let us down… they are a great couple that are passionate about their sauces. Thank you both!

  2. We had a blast doing the podcast. Kudos to Brian and Marilyn for a 1st rate job! We hope the fans have the opportunity to tryout these great sauces. There is something for everyone.
    We would also want to provide an update about the coupons. Unfortunately, due to our shopping cart’s limitations, we will not be able to provide the discounts at this time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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