Hot Sauce Sundae – Hot Sauce News – 04/19/09

Links to News in the Hot Sauce World

This week in Hot Sauce News, we feature chicken paprika (pronounced pah-pree-kahsh), from Cheryl Julian of the Boston Globe, Wrigley Field Bar & Grill in Fort Wayne, IN has some awesome wings and grilled cheese, the Sixth Annual Pork in the Park at Salisbury, MD gets bigger each year, that “Special Sauce” from condiment packets, and a hard to find homemade Blue Cheese Dressing recipe.

If you have a link or news item you’d like me to include in next Sunday’s Hot Sauce Sundae, please leave a Comment with links and a brief description of the item.

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  1. Quite a novel blog you have here, Brian. How about posting more recipes for us casual capsaicin lovers? 🙂

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