Hot Sauce Sundae – Hot Sauce News – 04/05/09

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This week: 1500 hot wings in one sitting, a review of Joe Perry’s Boneyard Brew hot sauce, Texas Pete’s – the story behind the brand, one woman’s quest for the Perfect BBQ Sauce, and Bone Suckin’ sauce gets a big thumbs up from

  • Boys soccer team to eat 1500 hot wings in one sitting – Dana Larsen’s article in the Pilot Tribune about the 20 members and coaches of a Storm Lake, IA team that plan to eat 1500 hot wings in one sitting, on Wed April 8th, 2009.They went through 500 wings a few weeks back, and were “doing shots of hot sauce”.

    I spoke with Chef James Gailey of the Regatta Grille at Kings Pointe about the sauce – “It’s a Louisiana based sauce that I kick up with butter, tomato juice, cayenne pepper and a few other ingredients”. Chefs are so secret-y.

  • Joe Perry’s ‘Boneyard Brew’ Hot Sauce review – Stan Dyer’s review on of this chipotle & habanero based sauce from Aerosmith’s guitar god.Coincidentally, Stan was in last week’s Hot Sauce Sundae. A Denver writer on, I think I’m gonna like this guy’s work. He’s a chilehead. Stan Dyer’s bio on
  • Texas Pete’s Recipe for Success – A nice story of the history and background of Texas Pete’s hot sauces. Family owned for 4 generations, surprisingly they are nowhere near Texas, but rather in the Triad area of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • The Quest for the Perfect Barbecue Sauce – Joanne Huspek writes on of her search for the perfect BBQ sauce. Citing her one and only favorite sauce, Rudolph’s, she tells an amusing story of obtaining said sauce via the internet. Oh, and she’s a WordPress girl.
  • Bone Suckin’ Sauce picked as Best Small Batch BBQ Sauce – by, Bone Suckin’ beat KC Masterpiece and others for top spot in this review which notes pros and cons, along with reviews and ratings for the Bone Suckin’ Sauce Original and comparisons to other BBQ Sauces. Also a great starting point for searching and reading about BBQ sauces in general.

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  1. “Boys soccer team to eat 1500 hot wings in one sitting”

    They should have made it a huge Deathmatch, would’ve been a lot more interesting to watch.

    Tomatoes in wing sauce???

  2. @Defcon – yes tomatoes. Heresy? Perhaps! But I’d try it. Wish the chef was more specific.

  3. Marilyn & Brian- have you guys tried either one of Joe Perry’s new sauces? I was thinking of maybe trying the Mango Peach Tango. Hank Williams Jr. has a red jalapeno hot sauce too that sounds good. I’ve never tried a sauce made by a celebrity, lol, but it sure does make it interesting. I can’t find very many reviews on them.