Hot Sauce+ Community on Google Plus

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Google+ lately. There’s a reason for that. Simply put – Google Plus rocks!

We have a budding hot sauce Community called Hot Sauce+ and we’d love to have you join us there. Here’s an easy to remember link that will take you right there:

Want to talk about BBQ? Check out the “Official Google+ BBQ Community” called We Love BBQ here:

Are you a Foodie? Yup, there’s a Community for that too. It’s called Foodies+

You can explore all the Communities on Google+ here:

Are you already using Google+ ? If so tell us in the Comments below. And shoot us a link to your profile or page.

And be sure to add HotSauceDaily on Google+ into your Circles here:

Finally, you can view my profile and add me to your Circles here:

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  1. I’m loving the HotSauce+ community already! I posted a simple question and quickly got some awesome responses. This one is a sure follow.

  2. I like Google+ but need to spend more time there, especially on Android to figure out how it works.

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