Hot Sauce & Chile Pepper Aprons

Guys & Gals, Valentine’s Day is coming and these HOT Aprons make great gifts!

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Irene Shurson of All Occasion Aprons (http://alloccasionaprons.com) makes aprons adorned with Hot Sauce Bottles, Chile Peppers, or Flames. She also has aprons with a Cow motif, a Cajun motif and Sunflowers, among many others.

Made from a cotton print sewn onto canvas, these hand-made aprons are very durable and protective. They feature 3 pockets at the bottom and are available in adult and child sizes.

Irene says:

I have been in business since 1995 and that “black and white” cow print is still one of the most popular for grilling.  But now the “Chile Peppers” is still holding stong for the past five years. They are mainly ordered for Chili Cookoffs…

Her Flame print is also popular for grilling cookoffs, as well as the Cajun print for … well, Cajun style cookoffs.

She even has Aviation themes, Gambling themes, and Tailgating themes with your favorite team colors.

In fact, I have had more men for clients than women. Go figure that one out.

Irene and her aprons have been featured on 3 local TV stations and 3 local newspapers in her area.

Remember girls, Valentine’s Day is near. Why not surprise your hot sauce loving – grilling guru – happy hubby with one of these awesome, hand-made aprons? And guys, you could always order one for her… I’m sure she’ll let you use it to make that next awesome smoky fiery concoction from your grill. Hey, buy two and you can share!

Check out Irene’s website at alloccasionaprons.com for contact info and ordering info. Tell Irene that Brian from HotSauceDaily sent you!

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  1. Hi. These aprons are really nice. Thankyou for showing them. My husband would like the peppers one. Jean.

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