Heat Taco Shells That Don’t Collapse

Arrange your taco shells like this, so they don’t collapse while heating.

Seems kinda trivial or silly, but this really works! By interlocking 4 shells, like you would fold a cardboard box, they each hold the next one open – the shells don’t collapse. This makes them much easier to fill with all your goodies.

Be sure to check out my Taco Seasoning Recipe – it’s simple to make, and is *much* better than those envelopes of salt/spices/chemicals sold as taco seasoning.

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  1. AspenJules says

    OOooooh, here I am, here I am!! (Julie, in NV) And I will definitely take a look at your taco seasoning recipe. I already make my own, but I’m always open to new ideas for additions.

  2. Thanks Julie. Would love it if you would post your taco seasoning recipe for us!

  3. Carboncopy says

    Or simply turn them upside down on the plate. This would likely take less room as well.

    • What an awesome and obvious idea. I never thought of that, and will try it and let you know how it turns out.